Achy Breaky Pope

Just the other day,
I went after mass to pray,
I heard someone knocking at the door.
I answered, there they were,
a young guy and a girl
They had three kids and looked mighty poor
I got them some lunch,
we talked about the bunch
of trouble teenage sex had let them see.
Although I had doubts,
I had to send them out
with a dozen condoms from the pharmacy.

Don't tell the Pope,
that achy breaky Pope,
I just don't think he could relate.
Cause if you tell the Pope,
that achy breaky Pope,
He might go off and excommunicate.

Please don't tell my mom
her little baby Tom
could possibly soon be an ex-priest.
Don't tell my brother Bill,
that bleeding liberal,
his friends will positively have a feast.
Oh! Tell father John.
Tell anyone you want!
The Pope's gonna know eventually.
If every thoughtful priest
would speak out at least,
we might get the Vatican to see.

Don't tell the Pope . . .