Michael Tang

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Hi! I'm a third-year undergraduate at Princeton University studying computer science and math. Broadly, I've excited about innovations that connect people and ideas, accelerate research, reduce existential risk, shed light on the nature of our existence, or simply help us get things done.

At the moment, I spend most of my time studying and working with deep learning and stochastic systems — this summer, I'm working on natural language processing projects as an intern at Google and a student researcher in the Princeton NLP Group. I'm also fascinated by fields as diverse as blockchain, tech policy, mechanism design, bioinformatics, and entrepreneurship, which are reflected in some of the various student groups on campus that I help run.

Technology aside, I'm an enormous fan of writing in all of its forms: powerful stories, culturally rich publications, or thought-provoking pieces. (I also enjoy the occasional pun!) In my free time, I run, dance, compose music, and create cardistry.

If you'd like to talk, feel free to reach out! My email is [x]@princeton.edu, where [x] is replaced by mwtang.