Lucas Fernán Salvador

Masters Student in Computer Science

Software Engineer


My name is Lucas Fernán Salvador and I am a Masters student in Computer Science at Princeton University, expecting to graduate in May 2021. My main area of interest is parallel computing in its multiple facets (algorithms, architecture and verification).

For my Masters thesis, I am currently working, under the supervision of Professor David I. August, as part of the Liberty Research Group. For this work, I am doing a deep-dive into the GPU Architecture in order to understand how to derive even greater levels of performance for highly-parallelizable workloads.

Before my Masters, I got a Bachelors degree in Computer Science at Princeton University on June 2020. I also have minors in Applied and Computational Math and Neuroscience.

Independent Work

  • Spring 2020 - Programatically Verifying GPU Forward Progress Guarantees - Advised by Professor Margaret Martonosi
    I synthesized small GPU programs that can result in deadlock, and then programatically evaluated their termination over a series of theoretical scheduler models. I worked as part of a group who then also tested the results in hardware from different manufacturers to allow comparison with the results from our theoretical models. More details can be found in Test Explorer.
    For this work, I received the "Sigma Xi Book Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research" and "Outstanding Computer Science Independent Work Prize" upon graduation.
  • Spring 2019 - Situation-biased Shortest Path: In Pursuit of Life-Like Videogames AI - Advised by Professor Robert E. Tarjan
    I designed a heuristic algorithm (inspired by human decision-making) that attempts to efficiently approximate the path with smallest cost in the case of agents with multiple criteria, including possible different initial states. Afterwards, I implemented the algorithm with manually-assigned weights and learned weights to show the merits of this approach.

Past Work

  • Summer 2020 - Citadel Securities - CIS Technology Team
    C++ Development. I worked on a highly-parallel regression test recreating the Development environment, as well as other Developer Experience improvements.
  • Summer 2019 - Microsoft Corporation - Xbox Platform Team
    C++ Development. I worked on improving the Background Update scheduler in the Xbox Operating System.
    Advertised in "Under-the-Hood Game Update Improvements" in Xbox October 1910 Update Notes.
  • Spring/Fall 2019 - HackPrinceton - Co-Director
    One of two heads in charge of a team of 30+ people and 7 subteams (Development, Operations, Experience, Partnerships, Marketing, Design and Treasury). We organize Princeton's student-run Hackathon event, bringing 500+ students together for an entire weekend.
  • Summer 2018 - Microsoft Corporation - Whiteboard Web App (C#/Backend Development)
    C# Development. I worked on improving the resource usage of the application on the background by optimizing the use of resources in multi-user scenarios.


  • Fall 2020 - COS318 (Operating Systems) - Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Spring 2020 - COS423 (Theory of Algorithms) - Preceptor
  • Spring 2020 - COS426 (Computer Graphics) - Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
  • Fall 2019 - COS318 (Operating Systems) - Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
  • Spring 2019 - COS423 (Theory of Algorithms) - Grader
  • Fall 2018 - COS432 (Information Security) - Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
  • Spring 2018 / Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 - COS126/217/226 Intro CS Sequence - Lab Teaching Assistant

Awards and Recognitions

  • Sigma Xi Book Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research (Princeton, 2020)
  • Outstanding Computer Science Independent Work Prize (Princeton, 2020)
  • Outstanding Student Teaching Award (Princeton, 2020)
  • Shapiro Prize for Academic Excellence (Princeton, 2018)
  • Fifth Team and Best Underclassman Team at ICPC Greater NY Regionals (New York, 2018)
  • Won the Hudson River Trading Coding Competition at Princeton (Princeton, 2018)
  • HackMIT 2018 - 'Best Use of Data' (sponsored by Amadeus) for DreamFlights (Boston, 2018)
  • Participant at International Olympiad in Informatics 2017 (Iran, 2017)
  • Classified to the International Mathematical Olympiad 2016 (Hong Kong, 2016)
  • Champion of the International Competition "La Magna" (Puerto Rico, 2015)


  • Computer Science MSE (Master of Science in Engineering)
    Princeton University
    , August 2020 - May 2021 (expected)
  • Computer Science BSE (Bachelor of Science in Engineering)
    Princeton University
    , September 2017 - June 2020
    Certificates (minors): "Neuroscience" and "Applied and Computational Math"
    Activities: Princeton ACM Workshop Chair, Quadrangle Club Tech Chair and Rockefeller College Council Member.
    Socities: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi and Tau Beta Pi.
    GPA: 3.978 (with 9 A+)