Food Photos

bran muffin
bran muffin with orange juice and coffee
egg-white omelette with vegetables
egg-white omelette with vegetables
French toast
scrambled eggs and bacon
breakfast fruit plate
oatmeal smothered with bananas
pancakes and bacon
chocolate-chip pancakes
egg-white omelet with smoked salmon

hummous appetizer
hors d'oeuvres
shrimp cocktail
onion tart
assorted appetizer buffet
hot appetizers
vegetable samosas
exotic fruit appetizer

roll and savory bites
roll and savory bite
pumpernickel bread, corn muffin, and a savory bite
sesame roll
assorted lunch rolls with olive spread

pumpkin bisque
cream of pumpkin soup
cream of asparagus soup
tomato soup
potato soup with jalapeņos
pea soup
lobster bisque
chilled pear soup
roasted peach soup
cream of cauliflower soup
chilled strawberry soup
minestrone soup
sweet potato soup
jalapeño potato soup
chilled apple soup
cream of vegetable soup
cream of asparagus soup
chilled peach soup
soupe au pistou
cherry bisque
pumpkin-apple soup
Moroccan lamb, chickpea and lentil soup
green gaspacho
chilled raspberry-pineapple mango soup

Caesar salad
simple salad
extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Italian bread salad
spinach salad

Between courses
lemon sorbet to cleanse the palate

Lunch Fare
ziti with tomato sauce
barbecued shredded pork sandwich with French fries
baked salmon with ziti and tomato sauce
penne with grilled chicken
Buffalo chicken sandwich
tropical salad with grilled chicken and toasted focaccia
Reuben sandwich with coleslaw

roast duck
fried chicken
pork medallions
turkey dinner
curried vegetables
delicious lamb shank
another lamb shank
breaded turkey
prime rib
steak at the buffet
sirloin steak
chicken marsala
roast chicken pieces
roast chicken breast
channa masala
Chilean sea bass
roast pork loin with au gratin potatoes
broiled cod
dal with paratha and basmati rice
filet of sole with beurre blanc
broiled filet of salmon

warm chocolate cake (with ice cream)
another warm chocolate cake (with coffee)
vanilla cake
Ranger cookie, chocolate roulade, and fruit
chocolate-dipped strawberrries
Napoleons as part of dessert buffet
chocolate-dipped strawberrries and cookies
part of dessert buffet
dessert trio
brownie madness
chocolate and vanilla roulades
strawberry shortcake, sans whipped cream
chocolate peanut-butter tart (buffet)
chocolate peanut-butter tart (individual)
coconut cream cake
crepe bar
angel food cake
cream puffs
lemon-meringue tart
Spanish orange cake
dessert fruit plate
dessert fruit plate
chocolate cake
Pavlova with strawberries
lemon weekend cake
apple tart
carrot cake
Cappuccino layer cake
Raspberry Panna Cotta atop a cookie
coconut cake
apple pie à la mode
apple pie
key lime pie
pitifully small piece of carrot cake
apple-pear crisp
cookies and cream cheesecake
pecan tart
pineapple upside-down cake
plain pineapple cake
lemon crumb cake
frozen orange and chocolate parfait, with a chocolate sword

In the Galley
in the galley, lemon preparation
in the galley, dessert preparation
in the galley, lobster tails