Jaswinder Pal S ingh

Professor, Computer Science Department, Princeton University . Ph.D. 1993, Stanford University .

PICASso: Program in Integrative Computer, Application and Information Sciences

Material for "Parallel Computer Architecture: A Hardware-Software Approach" (Culler and Singh, with Gupta)

  • For Slides, solutions and other materials, please see Publishers' Home Page for Book
  • Research (out of date):

    Boundary of Applications and Computer Systems
  • Parallel Computing (Applications, Architecture, Programming Models, Workload-driven evaluation): PRISM research group home page
  • Scalable Internet Services and Systems: DADI project home page
  • Interdisciplinary Research in Computer and Application Sciences (PICASso Program)

    Methods for Information Discovery, Extraction, Routing and Dissemination

  • As Founder and Chief Technology Officer of firstRain, Inc., led the development of novel and award-winning technologies and products for precise information extraction from web pages in the presence of changes, for topic-specific crawling and information discovery, for high-relevance search, and for large-scale content-based publish-subscribe. These are currently marketed primarily in the context of market intelligence applications.

  • Use of High-Performance Computing in Biology/Medicine and Graphics/Visualization

  • Computational Immunology: Simulating the Immune System
  • Protein Structure Prediction/Recognition in the Presence of Uncertainty
  • Probabilistic Inference in Belief Networks for Diagnosis
  • Some Publications (out of date)

    E-mail: jps AT cs THEN-DOT princeton THEN-DOT edu. Office Address:
    Department of Computer Science, Rm 423,35 Olden Street,Princeton, NJ 08544
    Office: (609)-258-5329
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