rebecca fiebrink princeton university


I work at the intersection of human-computer interaction, applied machine learning, and music composition and performance.

Important: I have moved to Goldsmiths University of London, and I will not be taking new graduate students at Princeton this year.

Therefore, if you are visiting this page to find out information about studying at the Princeton Soundlab, please be aware that there will not be any spots available for new Soundlab graduate students. I may be accepting new graduate students at Goldsmiths. Please see my Goldsmiths site for contact information. Also, please check out the list of current Princeton faculty to see what other groups at Princeton are working on.

Read my dissertation

I completed my PhD dissertation, Real-time Human Interaction with Supervised Learning Algorithms for Music Composition and Performance, in December 2010. Read the abstract and download it here.

Download the Wekinator

my software for real-time, interactive machine learning, available here.



Last updated 24 November 2013.