POPL 2005 Accepted Papers

Parametric Polymorphism for XML

Haruo Hosoya, Alain Frisch, Giuseppe Castagna

A Bisimulation for Type Abstraction and Recursion

Eijiro Sumii, Benjamin Pierce

A Semantics for Procedure-Local Heaps and its Abstractions

Noam Rinetzky, Jörg Bauer, Thomas Reps, Mooly Sagiv, Reinhard Wilhelm

Dynamic Partial-Order Reduction for Model Checking Software

Cormac Flanagan, Patrice Godefroid

Downgrading Policies and Relaxed Noninterference

Peng Li, Steve Zdancewic

A Simple Typed Intermediate Language for Object-Oriented Languages

Juan Chen, David Tarditi

Combinators for Bi-Directional Tree Transformations: A Linguistic Approach to the View Update Problem

Nathan Foster, Michael Greenwald, Jonathan Moore, Benjamin Pierce, Alan Schmitt 

Numeric Analysis of Array Operations

Denis Gopan, Thomas Reps, Mooly Sagiv

Region-Based Shape Analysis with Tracked Locations

Brian Hackett, Radu Rugina 

Synthesis of Interface Specifications for Java classes

Rajeev Alur, Pavol Cerny, P. Madhusudan, Wonhong Nam

Environmental Acquisition Revisited

Richard Cobbe, Matthias Felleisen

Automated Soundness Proofs for Dataflow Analyses and Transformations via Local Rules

Sorin Lerner, Todd Millstein, Erika Rice, Craig Chambers

Precise Interprocedural Analysis using Random Interpretation

Sumit Gulwani, George Necula

Scalable Error Detection Using Boolean Satisfiability

Yichen Xie, Alex Aiken

A Probabilistic Language Based Upon Sampling Functions

Sungwoo Park, Frank Pfenning, Sebastian Thrun

Separation logic and abstraction

Matthew Parkinson, Gavin Bierman

Slot Games: A Quantitative Model of Computation

Dan Ghica

Theoretical Foundations for Compensations in Flow Composition Languages

Roberto Bruni, Hernan Melgratti, Ugo Montanari

Context Logic and Tree Update

Cristiano Calcagno, Philippa Gardner, Uri Zarfaty 

From Sequential Programs to Multi-Tier Applications by Program Transformation

Matthias Neubauer, Peter Thiemann

Associated Types with Class

Manuel Chakravarty, Gabriele Keller, Simon Peyton-Jones, Simon Marlow

Communicating Quantum Processes

Simon Gay, Rajagopal Nagarajan

The Java Memory Model

Jeremy Manson, William Pugh, Sarita Adve

Transition Predicate Abstraction and Fair Termination

Andreas Podelski, Andrey Rybalchenko

A Syntactic Approach to Eta Equality in Type Theory

Healfdene Goguen

Permission Accounting in Separation Logic

Richard Bornat, Cristiano Calcagno, Peter O'Hearn, Matthew Parkinson

Mutatis Mutandis: Safe and Predictable Dynamic Software Updating

Gareth Stoyle, Michael Hicks, Gavin Bierman, Peter Sewell, Iulian Neamtiu

Transactors: A Programming Model for Maintaining Globally Consistent Distributed State in Unreliable Environments

John Field, Carlos Varela

Proof-Guided Underapproximation-Widening for Multi-Process Systems

Orna Grumberg, Flavio Lerda, Ofer Strichman, Michael Theobald

Polymorphic Bytecode: Compositional Compilation for Java-like Languages

Davide Ancona, Ferrucio Damiani, Sophia Drossopoulou, Elena Zucca

Connecting Effects and Uniqueness with Adoption

John Tang Boyland, William Retert