Davit Buniatyan
Department of Computer Science
Princeton University
PhD candidate at Princeton University advised by Sebastian Seung. I am interested in artificial intelligence including machine learning, computer vision, a little bit neuroscience. Entrepreneur at heart and researcher in mind.


I was born in 1996 in Yerevan, Armenia. I graduated the first IB class of Quantum College in 2013. Then I was accepted to UCL majoring in Computer Science. Prof. Lourdes Agapito and Dr. Adrián Peñate Sánchez supervised my final-year bachelors project. After receiving BSc degree, I was accepted to Princeton University where I continue my studies.
I developed Cyclop War during New Year’s night. Launched multi-platform casual game Froo Zoo played by 100K users being 17. At 18, featured by TechCrunch and started Newsly. At 19, founded Cyclop that collaborated with Emotech to build next generation of personal robots. People like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs or Marvin Minsky motivate, however my family and friends inspire and support more. I also worked on Castly.tv, which allows to sync-watch movies with friends on distance.


  • Buniatyan, D., Macrina, T., Ih, D., Zung, J. and Seung, H.S., 2017. Deep Learning Improves Template Matching by Normalized Cross Correlation. arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.08593. PDF


  • FAST, motivation and future of young scientists Mediamax, 2017
  • Alexa, be more human CNET. A chat with Pixie, Princeton University's socialbot Youtube, 2017
  • Newsly Provides Great Content Recommendations, Not Aggravation, AlchemyAPI IBM in 2015
  • Newsly Hack Is Tinder For News Articles, Techcrunch in 2014
  • Froo Zoo game developed in Armenia in 2013 is meant for protecting animals. Itel.am