Here is a list of example exercises for the Websheets programming practice tool, grouped by topic.

References to chapters within exercises mean the book Introduction to Programming in Java: An Interdisciplinary Approach by Sedgewick and Wayne.

Intro and Cmd Line Args HelloWorld TwoPlusTwo NameAge NextYear SquareOf SquareSwap
Data Types Eggsactly PercentScore PizzaCalculator AboveAverage Distance ThreeSort
Loops and Conditionals Flag PowersOfTwo FiniteSum AgeChecker SquareCensus Quadratic ModularSqrt
Arrays Distinct Reverse NOrdered NSwap Commonest Students
StdIn MaxMin Powers Squish Means
Static Methods Positive Find Boxed Summer Yarra
Practice Midterm Exams HatsPart1 HatsPart2 FoodPart1 FoodPart2 SnowStats SnowMelt
Recursion Kettles Factorial TextFractal BinarySum Evaluate ZeroSum
Dynamic Programming Catalan PartitionCount Mario Knapsack KnapsackBacktrack
Binary Search Lambert
Using Objects FourChargeClient IsPalindrome ComplementaryDNA CircularShift GeneFind
Creating Objects Recorder Clicker CountingSort CombinationLock Monomial Name Interval Vector
Stacks, Queues, and Symbol Tables QMerge LineEdit FrequencyTable ReverseLookup CME
Linked Lists MonkeyTraverse MonkeyAddStart MonkeyAddEnd LinkIt Quote CircularQuote
Regular Expressions RegularExercise
Practice Final Exams BinaryInteger Person TigerBook MiniPro MiniPro2
Threads SumParallel FTPLimiter FJSort

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