Christopher M. Moretti

Curriculum vitae
Updated Nov. 2016 (ps) (pdf)

Notable Papers
Framework for Scalable Genome Assembly on Clusters, Clouds, Grids
C. Moretti, A. Thrasher, L. Yu, M. Olson, S. Emrich, and D. Thain
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2012.

All-Pairs: An Abstraction for Data-Intensive Computing on Campus Grids
C. Moretti, H. Bui, K. Hollingsworth, B. Rich, P. Flynn, and D. Thain
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2010.

Harnessing Parallelism in Multicore Clusters with the All-Pairs, Wavefront, and Makeflow Abstractions
L. Yu, C. Moretti, A. Thrasher, S. Emrich, K. Judd, and D. Thain
Journal of Cluster Computing, 2010.

Abstractions for Cloud Computing with Condor
D. Thain and C. Moretti
Cloud Computing and Software Services, ed. Ahson and Ilyas, CRC Press, 2009.

Chirp: A Practical Global Filesystem for Cluster and Grid Computing
D. Thain, C. Moretti, and J. Hemmes
Journal of Grid Computing, 7(1) 51--72, March 2009.

Scaling Up Classifiers to Cloud Computers (slides)
C. Moretti, K. Steinhaeuser, D. Thain, and N.V. Chawla
International Conference on Data Mining, Pisa Italy, December 2008.

Other Research Experience

Since coming to Princeton, I have advised numerous undergraduate independent work projects. These have primarily been in distributed computing, sports software and analytics, and computer science education.

As a high school student, I worked at Hampton University's Behavior Science Research Center as part of a mentorship program through the New Horizons Governor's School for Science and Technology. My mentor on the Dimensions in Personality research project was the late Dr. James B. Victor.