Study abroad FAQ for CS majors

Fri Aug 25 15:02:41 EDT 2017

These are answers; you can infer the questions.

The most common semesters are junior fall and spring; sophomore spring and senior fall are possible (though a senior AB would have to plan thesis work very carefully).

At most two courses can count as CS departmentals in a semester, and only one as a track (e.g., theory).

We do not give CS credit for courses that look like courses in other Princeton departments that we would have credited if you took them at Princeton. For example, you can count ORF 309 as a CS departmental, but not an ORF 309 lookalike at another school.

CS courses have to be pre-approved by the CS dep rep, but as a practical matter, what you find on the ground in a faraway place is often not what was in the catalog when you were choosing. We can almost always work through this.

You can do IW abroad, and if you're an AB, you have to. You can either find someone there to supervise and give us a report at the end, or you can be supervised by remote control from here. The former is probably better if you can manage it.

If you're a BSE, it might be easier to finesse by not doing IW while abroad, but don't let bureaucratic considerations stop you from taking advantage of a good opportunity.

The most common schools are

UCL, London
ETH, Zurich
Oxford (usually spring only)
AIT, Budapest

but many others are perfectly possible and not all that unusual.

Your grades are converted into "T for transfer" by Princeton, and are not used in computing GPA, honors, and the like.