Independent work projects and senior theses

Thu May 9 11:21:18 EDT 2019


  • Tigar Cyr, A Domain-Specific Language for Algorithm Animation (JIW)
  • Robert Freeman, Evaluating Precipitation in Landscape Evolution Model "CHILD" and Improving its Algorithmic Performance (JIW)
  • Maia Hamin, Authorship Attribution through Word-Pair Measures of Custom Embedding Similarity (JIW)
  • Sally Lemkemeier, Educating Educators: Training Teachers to Teach Computer Science (thesis)
  • Robert Liu, Network Visualizations for Mountaineering History (JIW)
  • Jackson Neus, Bookish: A Tool for Large-Scale Textual Analysis of Arbitrary Datasets (JIW)
  • Jackson Neus, Bookish v2: Humanities Research at Scale (JIW)
  • Roopa Ramanujam, Visualizing Gender Bias in Film Reviews (SIW)
  • Yang Song, Textual Analysis of Daily Princetonian Archives (JIW)


  • Patrick Boroughs, Prospect: A Mobile Dating App for Princeton Undergraduates (JIW)
  • Kevin Bradicich, Evangelizing Data Analytics and Visualization of New York City's Evolving Urban Forest (IW seminar)
  • Natalie Collina, Burst: Escaping the Political Echo Chamber (IW seminar)
  • Savannah Du, Visualizing and Predicting Spotify Genre Characteristics (IW seminar) [link]
  • Roland Fong, A Web Application for the Analysis of Literary Chinese Texts (IW seminar) [link]
  • Inés Franch, Visualizing the deportation of Spanish citizens to Nazi concentration camps (1940-1945) (IW seminar) [link]
  • Jeffrey Gleason, Accuracy and Fairness: An Analysis of Risk Assessment Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System (thesis)
  • Pablo Gutierrez, Predicting the Price of Art (IW seminar)
  • Angela Hillsman, A Web Interface for Visualizing and Animating Geographical Data (IW seminar)
  • Jessica Ji, TableReader: A Digital Humanities PDF Extraction Tool (thesis) [link]
  • Evelyn Karis, The Town and Gown: An Intertextual Analysis of Town Topics and The Daily Princetonian (IW seminar) [link]
  • Sally Lemkemeier, Thinking Outside the Black Box: Exploring Computer Science Education Practices (JIW)
  • David Melvin, Optical Character Recognition Solution for Tracking FIFA Stats (JIW)
  • Sejin Park, Collecting and Analyzing Landlord-Tenant Laws in the U.S. Using Natural Language Processing Techniques (IW seminar)
  • Antony Toron, Foxyblox: A Cloud-based, Distributed and Reliable Storage Solution (JIW)
  • Bill Zhang, Detecting Depression in Reddit Users (JIW)
  • Jessica Zheng, Upvoted and Unbiased? A Textual Analysis of "Top" vs "Controversial" Reddit Headlines (IW seminar) [link]
  • Julie Zhu, "Wake up Sheeple": Detecting Groupthink on Reddit through Classification (IW seminar)


  • Justin Athill, Visualization of Religious Trends (IW seminar)
  • Sung Won Chang, Tracing Xuanzang's Journey: Visualizing the Great Tang Records on the Western Regions (IW seminar)
  • Sung Won Chang, Gerryfinder: Implementing, Visualizing and Analyzing the "Three Tests for Practical Evaluation of Partisan Gerrymandering" (JIW)
  • Annie Chen, Analyzing the ABC Books Project Data (IW seminar)
  • Annie Chen, ABCQuery: Query Tool for the ABC Books Project (JIW)
  • Maia Ezratty, Visualizing Book Borrowing Patterns in Expatriate Paris (IW seminar)
  • Samvit Jain, Portal: Micropayments on the Paywalled Internet (thesis)
  • Jessica Ji, Examining Historical Correlations: International Relations Data Analysis with the Correlates of War Project (IW seminar)
  • David Liu, Discovering Princeton's History: A textual analysis of collegiate newspaper headlines (IW seminar)
  • Anton Lundin, Swim Practice Extraction and Analysis (IW seminar)
  • Will Rivitz, Found Haikus: Programmatically Extracting Poetry from Prose (IW seminar)
  • Matthew Rosen, Navigating Textual 'Metric Space': On Quantifying Differences in Literature (IW seminar)
  • Matthew Rosen, Turning the Dial: Using Data Hierarchies to Analyze Literature (JIW)
  • Jonathan Tang, Intelligent and Universal Web Content Filtering (IW seminar)
  • Carole Touma, The Racial Education Gap in America: A Look Beyond AP Exam Scores (IW seminar)
  • Carole Touma, Cannon Dial Elm Club: iOS Ordering App System (SIW)
  • Juliana Wu, BeautyCake: Data Visualization for Cosmetics Consumers (IW seminar)


  • Cara de Freitas Bart, Safety is our Priority: The Legal Issues with Autonomous Vehicles (SIW)
  • Stephen Cognetta and Eugene Lee, Pairit: Applications of Simultaneous Multi-Device Usage (thesis)
  • Dan Kang, Nearby: Discover Nearby Friends (SIW)
  • Gabriela Leichnitz, A Princeton On-Demand Transportation Platform and Its Implications on Policy, Safety, and Accessibility (JIW)
  • Theresa Meyer, Getting Greener: Graphical Display and API for Princeton University Campus Energy Awareness (SIW)
  • Rishi Narang, Sift: Task Management with Email (SIW)
  • Charles Peyser, A "Little Framework" for Tournament Management (thesis)
  • Collin Stedman, Our Man in the Middle: An Investigation of TLS Stripping Attacks and Defenses on the Web (thesis)
  • Hannah Swenson, Rouge: An Online Clothing Exchange (JIW)
  • Hannah Swenson, Rouge: The Future Dress Exchange Company (JIW)
  • Capella Yee, Digital Interactions for the Modern Scholar: A Case Study on the Field of Prosody (thesis)


  • Nick Beaulieu, Remodeled Documents: A Screen First, Multi Display Document Preparation System (JIW)
  • Nick Beaulieu, Developing with Javascript: Document Parsing System using Web Technology (JIW)
  • David Bieber, Online Education Video Production with Teach Everyone (SIW)
  • Alex Daifotis, The Princeton Computer Science LabTAs and How an Academic Can Learn to Code (SIW)
  • Darshan Desai, PLAN: An Intelligent, Integrated, and Connected To-Do List (JIW)
  • Garrett Disco, Sentiment and Helpfulness Classification of Course Reviews (SIW)
  • Samuel Gavis-Hughson, UsageTracker: Android Library for Tracking Users' Usage Data (JIW)
  • David Lackey, Game Glue (SIW)
  • Luke Paulsen, English Readable Programming Language (thesis)
  • Prerna Ramachandra, ViewNet: A Visualization Tool for Software Defined Networks (thesis)
  • Avneesh Sarwate, ChucK Library Extensions (SIW)
  • Adam Suczewski, Real-time, Multi-user Facial Detection with Applications (JIW)
  • Wenley Tong, Pyrector: Object-Oriented View Rendering for Python Web Frameworks (SIW)


  • Candace Button, Improving the Student Course Guide (SIW)
  • Vincent Castaneda, Copy-Cat: a Google App Engine application (JIW)
  • Neal Donnelly, Grinbox: Building a user-friendly sentiment analysis tool for email (JIW)
  • Sebastian Gold, Uses and means of multiple human input devices (JIW)
  • Mark Ha, EasyAndroid: A developer's tool for Android beginners (thesis)
  • Gregory Hyde, iGoalieCoach: an iOS application to record ice hockey statistics and analyze goaltenders (SIW)
  • Marianne Jullian, Visualizing expression: a visual analysis of literary works and nonliteral copying in the context of copyright infringement (thesis)
  • Akarshan Kumar, NotifyMe: Real-time smartphone notifications for non-native services (SIW)
  • Molly Nacey, History Online (SIW)
  • Wenley Tong, A music transcription application for the mobile platform (JIW)
  • Eric Weiser, GigScape: An Intelligent, Local, Social Jazz Concert Finder (SIW)


  • Mark Ha, Connect: A New Library for Connecting Android Phones (JIW)
  • Dana Hoffman, DroidDev: A Web-based Editor for Android Application Development (thesis)
  • Emily Lancaster, CooChroo: Collaborative Browsing -- A Chrome Extension for Shared Browsing between Multiple People (thesis)
  • Calvin Lee, Building a Web Client for Instagram: An Investigation of Current Approaches (SIW)
  • Rodrigo Menezes, Feasibility of Massive Distributed Computing on the Web Browser (JIW)
  • Mitchell Morgan, Textbook Companion: A Smarter Way to Study (SIW)
  • Christopher Triolo, GetItHere: Location Aware Shopping List (SIW)
  • Kyle Wass, Visualizing Similarity: A New Approach to Textual Matching (JIW)


  • Hannah Barudin, ManageMe: Developing a Mobile Application (SIW)
  • Jennifer Chen, No Shortcuts: Understanding Computer Science by Understanding Computer Science (thesis)
  • Gyeong-Sik Choi, Integrated Course Engine 2.0 (SIW)
  • Lalithra Fernando, The Two-Cursor Keyboard (SIW)
  • Tushar Gupta, Organized Web Browsing: Navigation Trees (JIW)
  • Ellen Kim, An R GUI (thesis)
  • Hao Lian, Smuggling Cross-referencing from LXR into Trac with Almond Extract (JIW)
  • Daniel Roberts, Declarative AJAX for Rapid Web Development (SIW)
  • Erin Rosenbaum, Sports Timer: An iPhone App for Timing Concurrent Sporting Events (JIW)
  • Erin Rosenbaum, CAMSI: College Assignment Manager and Syllabus Importer (JIW)
  • Yujie Song, Three Kingdoms Relationship Visualizer (thesis)


  • Hannah Barudin, ManageMe: a New iPhone Application (JIW)
  • Jennifer Chen, Binary Level Metadata in Microsoft Word (JIW)
  • Mark Limperis, The iTour: An iPhone Application for Tourists (JIW)
  • JP Paranada, Visualizing the Linux Kernel (JIW)
  • David Yang, Visualizing Wikipedia Histories (JIW)


  • Jeffrey Bagdis, Plagiarism Detection in Natural Language (thesis)
  • Daniel Douglas, Parselmouth: Tools and Software for Teaching Biblical Hebrew (JIW)
  • Penny Enomoto, Motif Notation (SIW)
  • Paul Jacobs, Stochastic Neural Networks for Stock Market Prediction (JIW)
  • Nicholas Leonhardt, A Record Keeping and Member Notification System Adaptable for Any Organization (JIW)
  • Nicholas Leonhardt, Analysis of the Abilities, Accuracy and Flexibility of Mapping Systems APIs: Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps (JIW)
  • Yun-En Liu, Code Visualization (JIW)
  • Yun-En Liu, Web-based GDB Frontend (JIW)
  • Mason Simon, Spotscape (JIW)
  • Choketsu Uga, Navigator Map Viewer (SIW)


  • Eirik Bakke, SIEUFERD -- A Schema-independent End-user Front-end for Relational Databases (JIW)
  • Nicholas Byrd, End-User Scripting: Tools, Issues, and Possibilities (JIW)
  • Michael Dirolf, A Simple Animation Framework for the Web (JIW)
  • RJ Liljestrom, GCCDOC: XHTML Documentation from C Programs (JIW)
  • Arthi Ramachandran, GRAMPL: A Graphical IDE for AMPL (JIW)
  • Gus Tate, Juggling Harmony: Making Music from Flying Objects (JIW)


  • Ross Bogenschneider, Japanese Language Education Software Development (thesis)
  • Alex Combs, Chemical Stenographer: A Graphic Study Aid for Organic Chemistry (thesis)
  • Joshua Probst, Facebooking AJAX (thesis)
  • Michael Wenzel, Building Large-Scale Web Applications (thesis)
  • Jim Dickinson, The HashMatcher Algorithm: Reducing the Disk Space Usage of a Group of Files (SIW)
  • Robert Hazan, Personal Finance with Web 2.0: A Case Study for an Overview and Evaluation of Ruby on Rails (SIW)
  • William Butler, An Open Platform for Equities Trading Strategy Testing (SIW)


  • Seamus Abshere, Budget SMS Lookup (JIW)
  • Kent Cheng, AMPL Excel Integration (JIW)
  • Elika Etemad, Robust Vertical Text Layout (JIW)
  • Frank Macreery, A Survey of PowerPoint Usage (JIW)
  • Jamie Niemasik, Visualizing Evolution of Large Software Systems (JIW)
  • Olawale Oladehin, The Performance Comparison between Java and C# (JIW)
  • Geoff Patterson, The Olympic Swimming Database (SIW)
  • Michael Weishuhn, Tracker, A Track Meet Manager (SIW)
  • Michael Wenzel, The MIMA GigFinder (JIW)


  • Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer, AEMER: Advanced Electronic Medical Record (SIW)
  • Jing Ge, Chinese Character Recognition (SIW; with Rob Schapire)
  • Thaïs Melo, A Student Course Guide Infrastructure (SIW)
  • William Morton, A Display Wall for the Developer Community (SIW)
  • William Morton, MMS GL -- Getting Lighter (SIW)
  • Daniel Semaya, Enhanced Digital Music Jukebox (SIW)
  • Clay Bavor and Jesse Levinson, WHOAMI: Wireless Home and Office Appliance Management and Integration (JIW)
  • Clay Bavor and Jesse Levinson, WHOAMI 2.0: Wireless Home and Office Appliance Management and Integration (JIW)
  • Yesim Koman, Implementation of a User-Friendly Interface to AMPL for Solving Problems of Uncertainty (JIW)


  • Andrew Hudson, Designing GUI Interfaces for Teachers (thesis)
  • Randy Carnevale, Compiling AWK to Java (JIW)
  • Charles Lin, AMPL-Excel Interfaces (SIW)
  • Brian Olson, GUIML: Graphical User Interface Markup Language (JIW)
  • Mihai Parparita, Applications of Web Services to Digital Music Libraries (JIW)


  • Jonathan Harris, Extra!Extra! All the Sides to Every Story (thesis)
  • Maryam Kamvar, Panomentary: A Case Study in Testing (thesis)
  • Christopher Karr, An Information Architecture for Sharing and Aggregating Geospatial Content (thesis)
  • Scott Eblen, Drawing Diagrams in HTML (SIW)
  • Karin Kin, The Plain English Translator: Bridging the Great Digital Divide (SIW; with Perry Cook)
  • Alexander Peretsman, BBML: A Baseball Box Score Markup Language (SIW)
  • Victor Shnayder, Yet Another System for Algorithm Animation (JIW)
  • Paul Simbi, Book to Audio (JIW)
  • Daniel Spector, PIC2SVG: Making Web Vector Graphics User Friendly (JIW)


  • Kevin Yip, A System for Exchanging Optimization Data (thesis)
  • Lee Goddard, A New Scripting Language for the Display Wall (SIW)
  • Jonathan Harris, Notes from the Road (JIW)
  • Maryam Kamvar, Transparent Translator (JIW)
  • Maryam Kamvar, Natural Language Processing: The Unconquered Terrain of Computer Science (JIW)
  • Mark McMillan, Computerized Creation of Op Art (SIW)
  • John Taylor, Site Developer: A New Application and Test of the Mozilla Technology (JIW)
  • John Zedlewski, Type Analysis in the Jython Compiler (JIW)


  • Julien Beguin, The Development of WESL, a Web-Enhanced Scripting Language (JIW)
  • Ilya Rosenberg, Design and Implementation of ClearJava Integrated Development Environment (JIW)