My Erdős number is 3:
    bwk --> Shen Lin --> Ron Graham --> Erdős
    bwk --> Peter Weinberger --> {John Brillhart, Hugh Mongomery} --> Erdős

I appeared in A Beautiful Mind so my Bacon number is 2: bwk --> Ed Harris --> Kevin Bacon (Apollo 13) (according to the Oracle of Bacon).

This was a bit part, to put it generously, but I was on screen for 15-30 seconds. Hint: I am not wearing glasses and am much better dressed than is my habit.

Thus my Erdős-Bacon number is 5, better than any number of much more important people, including Richard Feynman, Carl Sagan, and (with many footnotes) Bertrand Russell. Wikipedia has lots of amusing details on these topics.

Obligatory xkcd.