Bhargav Reddy Godala

Bhargav Reddy Godala

5th Year Graduate Student
A member of the Liberty Research Group,
Led by Professor David I. August
In the Computer Science Department
at Princeton University

E-mail : bgodala(at)cs.princeton.edu
Office : Friend Center

About me

I’m a 5th year graduate student at Princeton University advised by Prof. David I. August. I’m currently working on CPU microarchitecture with a focus on improving performance of CPU front-end for datacenter workloads. My broader interests include Computer Architecture, Microarchitecture, Systems, Compilers, Program Analysis, Programming Languages, Security. I work on improving performance of the whole application stack from hardware to software. During the course of my PhD I worked on LLVM compiler and gem5 architectural simulator. I have built several tools to enable fast checkpointing of multithreaded application using real hardware for ARM architecture (using Raspberry Pi and Apple’s M1 Mac).

I did my undergrad in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT, Hyderabad). After graduating from IITH, I joined compilers team in AMD India, Bangalore. I worked on AOCC( AMD Optimizing C and C++ Compiler) which is based on LLVM Compiler. I worked on several compiler optimizations such as Loop Vectorization, Loop Distribution, Loop Independent Code Motion, Macroop Fusion, Branch Combine, etc.

Simulation Infrastructure

ARM 64-bit datacenter workloads used in EMISSARY paper [ download ]

QPoints: QEMU to gem5 ARM Full System Checkpointing [ source ]

Modern Decoupled Front-end Pipeline in gem5 [ source ]


QPoints: QEMU to gem5 ARM Full System Checkpointing [abstract]
Bhargav Reddy Godala, Ishita Chaturvedi, Yucan Wu, Simone Campanoni, and David I. August
ISCA 2023: The gem5 Workshop, June 2023.

Modern Front-end Support in gem5 [abstract]
Bhargav Reddy Godala, Nayana Prasad Nagendra, Ishita Chaturvedi, Simone Campanoni, and David I. August
ISCA 2023: The gem5 Workshop, June 2023.

EMISSARY: Enhanced Miss Awareness Replacement Policy For L2 Instruction Caching [abstract] (PDF)
Nayana Prasad Nagendra*, Bhargav Reddy Godala*, Ishita Chaturvedi, Atmn Patel, Svilen Kanev, Tipp Moseley, Jared Stark, Gilles A. Pokam, Simone Campanoni, and David I. August
Proceedings of the 50th International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), June 2023.
Accept Rate: 21% (79/372).
(*Co-first authors)