James Bartusek

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I am a computer science master’s student at Princeton University, working with Mark Zhandry. I am primarily interested in cryptography, with an emphasis on program obfuscation.

During summer 2018, I was an intern at SRI International under the supervision of Tancrède Lepoint.


On the (In)security of Kilian-Based SNARGs
James Bartusek, Liron Bronfman, Justin Holmgren, Fermi Ma, and Ron D. Rothblum

Public-Key Function-Private Hidden Vector Encryption (and More) (ePrint)
James Bartusek, Brent Carmer, Abhishek Jain, Zhengzhong Jin, Tancrède Lepoint, Fermi Ma, Tal Malkin, Alex J. Malozemoff, and Mariana Raykova


The Distinction Between Fixed and Random Generators in Group-Based Assumptions (ePrint)
James Bartusek, Fermi Ma, and Mark Zhandry

New Techniques for Obfuscating Conjunctions (ePrint)
James Bartusek, Tancrède Lepoint, Fermi Ma, and Mark Zhandry

Return of GGH15: Provable Security Against Zeroizing Attacks (ePrint)
James Bartusek, Jiaxin Guan, Fermi Ma, and Mark Zhandry
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