James Bartusek

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I am a computer science master’s student at Princeton University, working with Mark Zhandry. I am primarily interested in cryptography, with an emphasis on program obfuscation.

During summer 2018, I was an intern at SRI International under the supervision of Tancrède Lepoint.


The Distinction Between Fixed and Random Generators in Group-Based Assumptions (ePrint)
James Bartusek, Fermi Ma, and Mark Zhandry

New Techniques for Obfuscating Conjunctions (ePrint)
James Bartusek, Tancrède Lepoint, Fermi Ma, and Mark Zhandry

Return of GGH15: Provable Security Against Zeroizing Attacks (ePrint)
James Bartusek, Jiaxin Guan, Fermi Ma, and Mark Zhandry
TCC 2018