Frequently Asked Questions About PURE.

  1. Why should I participate?
    You can of course get more money elsewhere writing software. However, PURE will
    let you do a challenging project of your own design. It may give you a good idea of how
    to do research, and may be good preparation for grad school.
  2. How much does it pay?
    You maintain a weekly timecard listing how many hours you worked on your project.
       You can get  paid upto 40 hrs/week, up to 12 weeks. The department has a fixed hourly salary
       scale for undergrads (currently approx. $11/hr). Your project must last at least 8 weeks.
  3. Can I live on campus?
    Since you are officially employed by the department, the housing office will let you stay
    on campus during summer. Prof. Arora will sign any necessary forms. You have to pay for
    boarding/lodging out of your salary.
  4. How competitive is it to get funding?
    We will try to fund all interesting projects that have the backing of a faculty member.
    You should expect to spend some time and care on writing the proposal. In the past, we were
    able to fund every Princeton student who applied.
  5. Does the selection involve any interviews/grade reviews etc.?
    No, we need just your project proposal.
  6. Can two people work together on a project?