Implementation work using ML

Implementation work using ML

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Standard ML of New Jersey
The ML Kit

Network and Systems Software

The ML Server Pages: Server-side web scripting
Express Project: Standard ML operating system on bare machine
The Fox Project: Language, compilers, and systems
Coloured Petri Net Tools

Data structure marshalling/unmarshalling

fxp: The Functional XML Parser
Abstract Syntax Description Language

Theorem Provers

Expander: A System for Testing and Verifying Functional-Logic Programs
TempEst Program Verification Toolset
The HOL theorem prover
Isabelle: Generic theorem prover
STeP: The Stanford Temporal Prover
ADATE: Automatic Design of Algorithms Through Evolution
Jape - A Framework for building Interactive Proof Editors
Mona: Monadic Second-Order Logic in Practice
The Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench
EFTTP Mark 2 Theorem Prover

Hardware Design and Verification

Teapot: Language Support for Writing Memory Coherence Protocols
Hardware Verification Tools, Karlsruhe
Oxford Hardware Compilation Group
Simulator for Asynchronous Counterflow Pipeline Implemented in SML

Programming Language Research

Actress: an Action-Semantics-directed Compiler Generator
Two-Stage Programming (2SP)
Terzo lambdaProlog interpreter
Elf constraint logic programming language
CRML: Compile-time Reflective ML
Charity: a categorical programmming language
CMU CS Venari Project


The Mobility Workbench
TIPPtool: Performance analysis tool based on the stochastic process algebra TIPP
Kleisli/CPL system for querying distributed, heterogeneous, complex data sources
Pacific Software Research Center