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Book Reviews of Modern Compiler Implementation

Science of Computer Programming vol. 34 no. 2: "a highly practical and readable book . . . a pleasure to read and study."
Info World Cracking the compiler's code: A textbook for the rest of us
"... a textbook example of an excellent textbook."

Doctor Dobb's Journal From Active X to cargo-cult science

C VU: Journal of the Association of C and C++ Users, vol. 9 no. 4, May 1997.

Computers and Chemistry vol. 22 no. 2-3 pp. 265-266, 1998.
" ... likely to be widely adopted for undergraduate courses on compiler design and could become the next classic book in the subject area ..."

Quinn Tyler Jackson
"This book shines with the experience of those that came before it, covering all of the phases of compilation in a clear, readable fashion.

Flat Hill Books

Zentralblatt MATH