Anders Miltner

Graduate Student


I am a third year graduate student in Programming Languages at Princeton University's Computer Science department. My advisor is David Walker.

Research Interests

I am very interested in how program synthesis can change how programmers interact with computers. When I worked in industry, most of my time was spent on the tedious aspects of code, like data conversion and API discovery, with little time spent on implementing the core algorithms. Through program synthesis, tools can automate much of this work, allowing programmers to spend less time on tedious aspects of code, and more time on implementing core algorithms.


Optician - Synthesizing data synchronization transformations from regular expression specifications and input output examples.

Reinforcement Learning for Program Synthesis - Using reinforcement learning to guide enumerative search techniques.


Synthesizing Symmetric Lenses - In Submission Paper

Program Synthesis Through Reinforcement Learning Guided Tree Search - In Submission Paper

Synthesizing Quotient Lenses - ICFP 2018 Paper

Synthesizing Bijective Lenses - POPL 2018 Paper Full Code Talk


5/16/18 - Synthesizing Quotient Lenses was conditionally accepted into ICFP 2018.

9/25/17 - Synthesizing Bijective Lenses was conditionally accepted into POPL 2018.

9/6/17 - Synthesizing Bijective Lenses got first place in the 2017 ICFP Student Research Competition.


To make planning easier, I keep my schedule publicly available here.