Abhishek Kumar Singh

Research group: Princeton Advanced Wireless Systems (PAWS)

Advisor: Prof. Kyle Jamieson

email: aksingh@princeton.edu

Received the B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (Electrical Engineering, 2016). Presently, a third year doctoral candidate at the Department of Computer Science, Princeton University. The key focus of ongoing research is on classical, quantum, and quantum-inspired computation for next-generation wireless systems.

Research Interests

Samsung R&D Institute India - Bangalore (June 2016 - July 2019):

  • Pre-5G FPGA Based UE design and development based on pre-5G specification by Verizon (V5G)

  • RLC for 5G NR DU (Distributed Unit of NR Base Station) based on 5G NR specification.

  • 3GPP Standardization for NR Unlicensed and NR Aerial (Non-Terrestrial Networks) operation; focussing on MAC and Physical Layer Procedures.