Adam Finkelstein

I live in Princeton with my wife Esther and our two kids Leila (born 2004) and Emmet (born 2009). Esther is a massage therapist and yoga instructor. My mother and brother both have web pages. For many years I served as president of the Broadmead Swim Club.

Here are a few old photos of me.
I love ultimate frisbee but have not played for a while. For some years I played pickup at Broadmead Field in Princeton. Before that I played on a Mercer county team called Tastes Like Chicken. Back in Seattle I played on a Seattle team called Umatata.
Long ago I ran across this photocopy of a fax of a photocopy of a fax of ... of the hilarious menu from Seattle's least-visited coffee house, Caffe Lardo.
A chilly night visit to Snoqualmie Pass made for an excellent view of Comet Hyakutake. Here are some great pictures taken by my friend Marcus.