Anne Kohlbrenner


I'm a second-year PhD student in computer science at Princeton University, advised by Jonathan Mayer and doing research in the Center for Information Technology Policy.

Together with Ross Teixeira, I run the TechEd reading group, discussing topics in technical and scientific education.

I received my B.S. in computer science with a double major in philosophy from Carnegie Mellon University in 2019.


Contact: anne.kohlbrenner [-at-] or akohlbrenner [-at-]

Research Interests

I'm interested broadly in how computer systems, networking, and security interact with policies that address fairness, online information, and privacy.


G. Liu, H. Sadok, A. Kohlbrenner, B. Parno, V. Sekar, J. Sherry
"Don’t Yank My Chain: Auditable NF Service Chaining"
T. Taylor, F. Araujo, A. Kohlbrenner, M. Stoecklin
"Hidden in Plain Sight: Filesystem View Separation for Data Integrity and Deception"
DIMVA 2018.
A. Kohlbrenner, F. Araujo, T. Taylor, M. Steocklin
"POSTER: Hidden in Plain Sight: A Filesystem for Data Integrity and Confidentiality"
ACM CCS 2017


Princeton University

COS 217: Introduction to Programming Systems, TA (F20). Anonymous feedback form.

Carnegie Mellon University

15-122: Principles of Imperative Computation, Instructor (Summer 2019), Head or Lead TA (S18, N18, F18, S19), TA (S17, F17).