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Independent Work BSE Junior

BSE students are required to complete at least one (1) semester of independent work. As a BSE junior, you have two options:

IW Seminar

The independent work seminars allow a small group of students and a faculty adviser with shared interests to meet and work on related projects. 

IW seminars are recommended for students who would like to have a bit more structure built into their independent work project. In the IW seminars, students meet weekly with their instructor/adviser and get regular feedback from their peers.

Click here for more information about IW seminars.

One-on-One IW (Single-Term or Full Year)

Students doing one-on-one IW projects work on their own and schedule meetings with their advisers independently.

We find that students are most successful in one-on-one IW projects when they are self-motivated, proactive, organized, responsible, resourceful, passionate about the project, and able to work independently.

Click here for more information about one-on-one IW projects.

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