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Independent Work AB Senior

AB Senior Thesis

All AB seniors are required to complete a two-term senior thesis project on a topic of their choosing.

The senior thesis is intrinsic to a Princeton education and provides students the opportunity to work independently and in-depth on a topic of interest.  All thesis projects must have a strong computer science component, but beyond that are wide open.  Students are encouraged to use the skills they have developed over the first three years at Princeton and to apply them to application development, entrepreneurial adventures, educational projects, community service, academic research, data analysis, interdisciplinary studies, analysis of public policy, or other pursuits that are challenging and enriching.

Students doing senior thesis projects work on their own and schedule meetings with their advisers independently. Our COS faculty have a wide range of expertise and are excited to work with students who are excited to work with them. Students may also work with an adviser outside of the COS department on a multi-disciplinary project (though it must have a major COS focus, and there must be a secondary COS adviser).

You can find examples of past senior thesis projects through the Mudd Library DataSpace. Students may search by topic, adviser, class year, etc. Click here to see example senior theses from the Class of 2022.

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