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Independent Work AB Junior

AB juniors are required to complete two terms of independent work. See below for the options available each term.

AB Junior, Fall Term

Junior Research Workshops (JRWs)

Beginning Fall 2021, all AB juniors in the fall term will be required to complete their independent work requirement by enrolling in a Junior Research Workshop (JRW) and associated methods course.

Click here for more information about the Junior Research Workshops (JRWs)

AB Junior, Spring Term

In the spring term, AB juniors may either complete their proposed IW project -- or in many cases, embark on a separate research endeavor through one of the following advising structures:

IW Seminar

The independent work seminars allow a small group of students and a faculty adviser with shared interests to meet and work on related projects. 

IW seminars are recommended for students who would like to have a bit more structure built into their independent work project. In the IW seminars, students meet weekly with their instructor/adviser and get regular feedback from their peers.

Examples of past IW seminar themes are Natural Language Processing, Help Future Computer Science Students Learn Computer Science, Technology Policy, Random Apps of Kindness, Computational Genomics, Robots, Digital Humanities, and more. Seminar offerings are different every semester.

Click here for more information about IW seminars.

One-on-One IW

Students doing one-on-one IW projects work on their own and schedule meetings with their advisers independently.

We find that students are most successful in one-on-one IW projects when they are self-motivated, proactive, organized, responsible, resourceful, passionate about the project, and able to work independently.

Our COS faculty have a wide range of expertise and are excited to work with students who are excited to work with them. Students may also work with an adviser outside of the COS department on a multi-disciplinary project (though it must have a major COS focus, and there must be a secondary COS adviser).

Click here for more information about one-on-one IW projects.

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