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This page contains information for Fall 2021.  Like everything else, it is subject to change as the Covid situation evolves.  If you have questions or suggestions, please send them to JP Singh or Brian Kernighan (directors of undergrad studies) or to Colleen Kenny (undergrad manager).

This page was last updated Sat Apr  3 13:28:43 EDT 2021

Classes in Fall 2021

The university expects that all courses will be in person in the fall, but this could change.  Since many COS courses are large, social distancing rules could prevent in-person classes.


We expect that grading policies will revert to pre-Covid rules. 

  • COS departmentals and pre-reqs must be taken for a grade.  (Courses taken PDF in 2020 and Spring 2021 can be used for departmental or pre-req credit.)
  • Independent work, including senior theses, will be graded regularly, i.e., with letter grades,
  • Grad courses will have the same rules as undergrad courses.
  • We do not know how employers or graduate programs will assess your work during unprecedented times like last spring and this academic year.  We do recommend taking courses for a grade if at all possible, even if a PDF option exists.
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