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Intensional Equality ;=) for Continuations

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August 1995
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I propose a novel language feature, intensional continuation equality,
useful in languages with or without first-class continuations, and
show how it enables truly remarkable gains in efficiency of ordinary user

Continuations, expressing ``what the program will do from now on,''
are a much-used tool of semantics, and sometimes show up as a user-accessible
programming feature. But most use of continuations is parametric,
in the sense that functions behave the same way independent of their
continuation. I will show that nonparametric use of continuations
allows very substantial, almost incredible gains in program speed.
Furthermore, this technique is compatible with almost any style of
programming language; imperative, functional, even object-oriented.

This technical report has been published as
Intensional Equality ;=) for Continuations.
Andrew W. Appel, ACM SIGPLAN Notices 31(2), pp. 55-57, February 1996.
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