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Cache Performance of Fast-Allocating Programs

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November 1994
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We study the cache performance of a set of ML programs, compiled by
the Standard ML of New Jersey compiler. We find that more than half of
the reads are for objects that have just been allocated. We also
consider the effects of varying software (garbage collection
frequency) and hardware (cache) parameters. Confirming results of
related experiments, we found that ML programs can have good cache
performance when there is no penalty for allocation. Even on caches
that have an allocation penalty, we found that ML programs can have
lower miss ratios than the C and Fortran SPEC92
Topics:: 4 benchmarks, performance analysis; 21 hardware design,
measurements; 17 garbage collection, storage allocation; 46 runtime

This technical report has been published as
Cache Performance of Fast-Allocating Programs. Marcelo
J. R. Gonclaves and Andrew W. Appel,
Proc. Seventh Int'l Conf. on Functional
Programming and Computer Architecture
pp. 293-305, ACM Press, June 1995.
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