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Planarity Testing of Doubly Periodic Infinite Graphs

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November 1986
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This paper describes an efficient way to test the VAP-free (Vertex Accumulation Point free) planarity of one- and two-dimensional dynamic graphs. Dynamic graphs are infinite graphs consisting of an infinite number of basic cells connected regularly according to labels in a finite graph called a static
graph. Dynamic graphs arise in the design of highly regular VLSI circuits, such as systolic arrays and digital signal processing chips. We show that VAP-free planarity testing of dynamic graphs can be done efficiently by making use of their regularity. First, we will establish necessary conditions for VAP-free
planarity of dynamic graphs. Then we show the existence of a finite graph which is planar if and only if the original dynamic graph is VAP-free planar. From this it follows that VAP-free planarity testing of one- and two-dimensional dynamic graphs is asymptotically no more difficult than planarity testing of
finite graphs, and thus can be done in linear time.

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