Computation and Data Analysis in Biology and Information Sciences

Spring 2004

February 16

Extracting Biological Information from Genome-Scale Experimentation
David Botstein, Genomics Institute

February 23
T-Cell Epitope Repertoire As Predicted From Human And Viral Genomes
Yoram Louzoun, Mathematics, Bar Ilan University
March 1

Detecting Selection from Patterns of Codon Usage
Jonathan Dushoff, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

March 8

No Seminar

March 15
No Seminar
March 22
Making Bacteria Behave: Programming Living Cells
David Karig and Subhayu Basu, Electrical Engineering, Princeton University
March 29

Method for Computing Protein Binding Affinity
Charles Karney , Sarnoff Corporation

April 5
No Seminar
April 12
Biological Simulation in the Industrial Laboratory: Predicting Cardiotoxic Potential of Drug Candidates from in vitro Data
Dean Bottino, The BioAnalytics Group
April 19
Trading Computation for Experiment: Noninvasive Imaging, Analysis and Application
Jeffrey Saltzman, Merck
April 26
Finding Transcription Modules from Large Gene-Expression Data Sets
Ned Wingreen, Molecular Biology
WEDNESDAYS, Computer Science Building, Room 402 (unless otherwise noted)
Seminars begin ~12:30 p.m., Lunch will be provided ~12:20 p.m.
These seminars are partially supported by the Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering (PICSciE)

PICASso "Successes" Seminar

Presentations will usually be given by local students and postdoctoral researchers, leading researchers are periodically invited to present special sessions about key "Successes of Computational Science" in their field; i.e., areas of success in the science that could not have been (or easily been) achieved without computational science. These seminars are indicated with a key icon.
PICASso Research Seminar
Graduate students, post-docs and young faculty present overviews of their research projects and/or tutorials on computational methods they are using.

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