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Computer Science Ph.D. Graduates On the Move

As another academic year comes to a close, the Computer Science Department would like to congratulate some of its recent Ph.D. graduates as they move on and start their careers within the academic field as well as the technology industry.

Qinxiang Cao, PhD ‘18 (expected)
Assistant Professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University
Adviser: Andrew Appel

Allison Chaney, PhD ‘16
Assistant Professor at Duke Fuqua School of Business
previously Postdoc with Barbara Engelhardt and Brandon Stewart at Princeton University
Adviser: David M. Blei

Jia Deng, PhD ‘12
Assistant Professor at Princeton University
previously Asst Prof at University of Michigan
Advisers: Fei-Fei Li and Kai Li

Annie Edmundson PhD ‘18
Joining Squarespace
Advisers: Nick Feamster and Ed Felten

Arpit Gupta, PhD ‘18 (expected)
Postdoc at Columbia University (Fall 2018)
Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara (Fall 2019)
Adviser:  Nick Feamster

Srinivas Narayana, PhD ‘16
Assistant Professor at Rutgers University
previously Postdoc at MIT
Adviser: Jennifer Rexford

Jude Nelson, PhD ‘18
Engineering Partner at Blockstack PBC
Adviser: Larry Peterson

Muhammad Shahbaz, PhD ‘18
Postdoc at Stanford University
Advisors: Nick Feamster and Jennifer Rexford (co-advisor)

Shuran Song, PhD ‘18 (expected)
Assistant Professor at Columbia University
Adviser: Thomas Funkhouser

Haoyu Zhang, PhD ‘18
Software Engineer at Google Brain
Adviser: Michael Freedman


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