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CS Administrative Staff - Who Does What

Michele Brown

Senior Manager, Finance and Administration
  • Dean of the Faculty Appointments/Reappointments and Leave submission (faculty, lecturers, post docs, etc.) Faculty Summer Salaries
  • Human Resource related issues
  • Operating and Teaching Budget management
  • Space allocations and renovations
  • Labor Accounting/Time Collection and Concur approvals for all of CS 
  • Chair Support and special projects

Laura Cerrito

Undergraduate Office Assistant
  • Lecturer support
  • Course materials copying
  • Certificate Program in Application of Computing (PAC) program
  • Room Scheduling 
  • Classroom Scheduling 
  • Miscellaneous undergrad support assisting Colleen
  • Concur reconciliation

Pamela DelOrefice

Business Manager
  • Purchasing
  • Shipping
  • Keys, building access
  • Phones, cell phones
  • Maintenance (repairs, paint, rugs, furniture, etc.)
  • Manage gifts for faculty and lectures
  • Faculty laptop program and 
  • Learned Society
  • Concur reconciliation

Mikki Hornstein

IW Administrator
  • Everything Independent Work related

Mitra Kelly

Admin Support
  • Support of faculty and staff at 194 Nassau St
  • Workshops 
  • Manage facilities, purchasing and events at 194 
  • Concur reconciliation

Colleen Kenny

Undergraduate Program Manager
  • Undergraduate course preparation and scheduling
  • Undergraduate Announcement
  • Undergraduate Website
  • Resource for all COS undergraduates (447)
  • Scheduling and representation at dept. and university events, Advising Fairs, Academic Expo, Explore Engineering, Class Day and award programs. 
  • PWICS and CS Council Contact
  • Management of Independent Work and Applications of Computing Programs
  • Support Directors of Undergraduate Studies

Emily Lawrence

Administrative Coordinator
  • Assistant to Department Chair
  • Faculty meeting support
  • Faculty Search coordinator
  • Colloquium support
  • CS directory updates
  • Communications/social media contact (news page, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Concur reconciliation

Nicki Mahler

Graduate Coordinator

  • Fellowship process
  • TA assignments
  • Students in distress/student issues
  • Graduate Student office assignments
  • Graduate Admissions queries
  • Liaison to the Graduate School

Louis Riehl

AI4All Program Coordinator
  • Everything AI4ALL related
  • Time collection for ug Graders and TA’s
  • Labor accounting entries
  • Concur reconciliation

Barbara Varga

Grants Manager
  • Grants
  • Proposal Submissions
  • Spending allocations to projects
  • Grant Audit and Compliance
  • Concur reconciliation
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