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Building Access

Access: The building is open from 8am to 7pm, Monday through Friday, and is locked at all other times including University holidays. You may request after hours proxcard access for the exterior doors. Send an e-mail to Pamela DelOrefice with your name and ID number from the front of your Princeton ID card (your TigerCard). Only those listed below will be granted access. The TigerCard office automatically grants access to all Computer Science undergraduate and graduate students upon arrival.

After Hours: Those authorized to use the Computer Science Building after hours are:

  • Department of Computer Science faculty, staff and graduate students.
  • Undergraduate computer science majors.
  • Others having authorization to use academic facilities inside the building.

Access after hours to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors is restricted. Those issued a physical key to an office or lab in the building can use their key to in the elevator, at the top of the grand staircase, and to the doors of the two stairwells. Those who were not issued a physical key but who are authorized to access the upper floors (e.g., CS undergraduates) can use their TigerCard in the elevator and at the top of the grand staircase. (The CS Guide contains additional details about the Salto system used for TigerCard access inside the building.) When not otherwise reserved, the Tea Room and seminar rooms are available for study. These areas are shared by all members of the department and should remain accessible to anyone during off-hours. The Faculty Conference Room (402) is not available for use without prior arrangement.

Floor Plans

Click here to view our floor plans.

Key Policy

Office keys are issued under the agreement that the holder will reimburse the Department of Computer Science $100 upon failure to return any key(s) issued to them. The Department of Computer Science will bill the student account at Princeton University for the loss. Lost keys will be replaced at a cost of $30 per loss. The replacement fee must be paid in cash or check prior to the key being re-issued. Excessive requests for replacement keys may result in the need to replace the room core or multiple cores. Many department keys have multiple layer access such as unlocking main doors in addition to individual offices. Lost keys compromise the security of the entire building not just the office to which they are issued. The cost of these re-cores will be the responsibility of the keyholder.

Keys are to be returned to Pamela DelOrefice. To return keys after hours, place the key in an envelope, write your name on the outside and slide it under the door to Room 212.

Security Policy

The security of the Computer Science Building and the quality of the atmosphere depends on each member of the Princeton Computer Science community. As a key holder, you are responsible for:

Visitors and Guests: You are responsible for the behavior of your visitors and guests. If you see anyone behaving in a suspicious or undesirable manner, call Public Safety at x3134.

Citizenship: Good citizenship is demonstrated by respect for school, community and self. You are expected to promote good citizenship while a member of the Department of Computer Science.

Room UsageFormal activities can be held in Computer Science rooms by previous arrangement with Laura Cerrito. The Tea Room and seminar rooms can be used by members of the Computer Science community for study or informal meetings when they are not booked.  The Tea Room and seminar rooms should generally be available during off-hours except when previously arranged.

Room 105 may be booked with the Department of Computer Science by contacting the Laura Cerrito. All other areas of the building are restricted for use by members of the department.

Members of the Computer Science Community may also contact Laura Cerrito, if they need a room outside of the Computer science rooms.  This form will be filled out on the Registrar site.

Room requests will not be completed if the form is not filled out. 

Computer Science room request form: https://csguide.cs.princeton.edu/computer_science_room_request_form

Fire Alarm: In the event of a Fire Alarm you are required to exit the building at the nearest exit. Public Safety will notify you when it is safe to re-enter the building. For more information, see the University's Fire Safety Policy.

Building Use Policy

Bicycles: Bicycles are not permitted anywhere inside the building. Bicycle racks are provided near all three outside entrances. State fire regulations prohibit bicycles inside University academic buildings.

Food: If you bring food into the building you must be particularly careful about cleaning up. Food is not permitted in either auditorium and sit-down meals are not permitted in the gallery area on the first floor. Food may be served in this area on a stand-up basis only. Microwaves are available on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors for reheating food only. No other cooking is allowed in the building. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited within the building.

Signs: Posters and flyers may only be hung on existing tack boards throughout the building. Items hung on painted surfaces are not permitted and will be removed.

Smoking: Smoking cigarettes/e-cigarettes/vaping is not permitted in the building or on the balcony.

For further information regarding these policies, contact the Department Manager, Michele Brown.


Closings & Holidays

The University is closed for Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and Memorial Day. Seehttp://www.princeton.edu/hr/working/schedules/holidays/ for the current schedule. Weather related closings and delays will be announced on the SNOW voice mail line. To access this line, dial (609) 258-S-N-O-W (7669). This announcement is updated at 5:45am during periods of severe weather conditions. If during the day weather conditions change, the SNOW line is updated to reflect any changes in the work schedule.

Maintenance Requests

Minor maintenance requests (e.g., light bulb replacements, heating & cooling issues, bathroom supplies) may be sent to Pamela DelOrefice via e-mail. Be sure to include a detailed description of the problem and location.

Maintenance issues that require immediate attention should be brought to the attention of a member of the office staff as quickly as possible. In an emergency you may contact Facilities Maintenance directly at x8000. Follow up your emergency request by notifying Pamela DelOrefice.


Your office is equipped with one phone line. Problems or questions related to your phone should be directed to Pamela DelOrefice, Department Telephone Coordinator.


Small copiers are located in the common areas of both the 3rd and 4th floors. They do not require access codes. The 2nd floor copier is reserved for large jobs and requires an access code. If you require an access code see Pamela DelOrefice.

Office Supplies & Postage

Office supplies and postage are for business use by faculty and staff and should not be used for personal mailing. Students are expected to provide their own office supplies for coursework and research projects. In general, if you need supplies, ask a member of the office staff.

Expense Reimbursements

When it is necessary to purchase research or instructional items outside of the normal purchasing process you may request reimbursement. The expenditure must be approved by your adviser, a faculty sponsor or the department. Take the original receipt to your faculty adviser's secretary who will assist you with completing the reimbursement. The reimbursement request must be submitted within 60 days of acquisition.

Be sure to read the University Guidelines for Non-Compensation Expenses

Mail & Deliveries

Faculty and Staff mailboxes are located in room 232. Outgoing mailboxes are also located in room 232. Campus mail is delivered daily, normally by 10am. USPS mail is delivered daily, normally by 2pm. Outgoing business mail left in the bin by noon will be posted the same day.

Graduate and undergraduate student mailboxes are located in the 2nd floor lobby. Only work related mail should be delivered to the Computer Science Building. Personal mail should be delivered to your home address. For departing students, we will hold mail for students who leave in the summer until December. Students who leave mid-year will continue to have mail collected until the end of the academic year. All mail will be returned to sender after those dates, no exceptions. It is your responsibility to find another student to forward your mail to you. "35 Olden Street" is a bulk mail address therefore you cannot file a forwarding order with the USPS. Additionally, the department must be reimbursed for postage in a timely manner. Students who fail to reimburse the department will have mail returned to the sender.

Packages that are too large to fit in your mailbox will be left on the table in room 232. Due to limited space please check the table often if you are expecting a package. The Department accepts no liability for personal deliveries. It is expected that personal deliveries will not impede business activity in the mailroom. Please take advantage of electronic delivery notification features provided by shippers.

Outgoing shipments may be sent using any one of the department’s carriers. The department maintains accounts with the USPS, UPS, Fedex and DHL. Airbills and shipping documents are located in room 232. Use the UPS record book located near the fax machine to prepare your UPS shipment. UPS delivers daily, normally by 11am. There is a Fedex drop box located in the courtyard behind the E-Quad. If you require a special pickup please have the carrier pickup your package at your office.

Mailing address:

Your Name
Princeton University
Department of Computer Science
35 Olden Street
Princeton, NJ 08540-5233


Research and instructional items may be purchased through the Business Manager's office. Purchases must be approved by your adviser, faculty sponsor or the department. In general, you may send an e-mail to Pamela DelOrefice, (cc: your adviser) with a description of the item, part number, quantity and suggested vendor. Purchases using sponsored research funds require a comment to explain what it is that you are purchasing and how it is relevant to the project. If the item is a specialty item or requires particular specifications it is suggested that you obtain a quote from the vendor prior to submitting your request. Orders over $2,500 require three competitive quotes. The University Purchasing Department continually negotiates special pricing with many vendors and maintains purchasing contracts with those vendors. Your request may be forwarded to a contract vendor for competitive pricing. You will be notified via e-mail once your order has been placed.

Computer Purchases

Computers may not be purchased with personal funds and will not be reimbursed under any circumstances. Princeton University maintains contracts with the vendors listed below. Please contact Pamela DelOrefice for any computer purchases. Alternate vendors may be used by obtaining a quote directly from the vendor. It is important to note that for quote comparisons, University contracts often contain additional benefits that are not obvious.

University Guidelines for Non-Compensation Expenses can be found here.


Quick Facts

Domestic Travel

Conference registrations can be pre-paid by the Business Manager; all other travel related expenses must be pre-paid by the traveler. You may use any one of the University's travel agencies to book your transportation. Contact the Business Manager, Pamela DelOrefice, for instructions on how to complete this.

Upon return from your trip you may complete a travel voucher to submit for reimbursement. You must include all receipts. Contact your faculty adviser's secretary to complete the reimbursement.

Foreign Travel

In addition to the policies and guidelines listed under Domestic Travel above, foreign travel has the following additional policies and guidelines described below:

Foreign travel requires pre-approval when using federally funded sponsored research funds. You or your adviser must provide the following information to be forwarded to ORPA by the Business Manager at least 30 days prior to your departure.

Name of individual traveler
Dates of travel
Reason for Participation (include paper title if applicable)
Relevance to Sponsored Research Project
Total Cost (estimated)
Conference Registration

You must comply with the Fly America Act which requires that U.S. Flagship carriers be used whenever possible. See http://www.princeton.edu/orpa/award-management/direct-costs/sponsored-award-travel/ for more specific information.

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