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Course Schedule: Spring 2017

COS 126Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary ApproachK. WayneTTh 12:30-1:20MC50
COS 217Introduction To Programming SystemsA. GuptaMW 10:00-10:50CS104
COS 226Algorithms and Data StructuresD. WalkerMW 11:00-12:20MC10
COS 233An Integrated, Quantitative Introduction to the Natural Sciences II (See ISC233)O. TroyanskayaMWF 10:00-10:50IL101
COS 234An Integrated, Quantitative Introduction to the Natural Sciences II (See ISC234)O. TroyanskayaTTh 10:00-10:50IL101
COS 315Symbolic Music Computing (See MUS315)D. TymoczkoTTh 3:00-4:20WC106
COS 320Compiling TechniquesD. AugustTTh 3:00-4:20CS302
COS 333Advanced Programming TechniquesB. KernighanTTh 11:00-12:20FC101
COS 340Reasoning about ComputationR. RazMW 3:00-4:20CS104
COS 342Introduction to Graph Theory (See MAT375)P. SeymourTTh 1:30-2:50FH224
COS 352Artificial Intelligence and Public Policy (See WWS352)E. FeltenT 1:30-4:20RH015
COS 398Junior Independent Work (B.S.E. candidates only)M. Martonosi, R. Fish
COS 401Introduction to Machine Translation (See TRA301)S. BangaloreF 1:30-4:20GN0-S-6
COS 423Theory of AlgorithmsR. TarjanMW 11:00-12:20CS104
COS 424Fundamentals of Machine LearningB. Engelhardt, X. LiTTh 11:00-12:20CS104
COS 426Computer GraphicsS. RusinkiewiczTTh 3:00-4:20CS104
COS 429Computer VisionO. RussakovskyTTh 3:00-4:20
COS 432Information SecurityP. MittalTTh 11:00-12:20SL107
COS 433CryptographyM. ZhandryMW 1:30-2:50RH016
COS 435Information Retrieval, Discovery, and DeliveryA. LaPaughMW 1:30-2:50FC111
COS 445Economics and ComputingM. WeinbergTTh 1:30-2:50CS104
COS 448Innovating Across Technology, Business, and MarketplacesJ. Singh, R. FishMW 11:00-12:20FC006
COS 451Computational GeometryB. ChazelleMW 1:30-2:50
COS 461Computer NetworksN. FeamsterMW 1:30-2:50CS104
COS 488Introduction to Analytic CombinatoricsR. Sedgewick, J. LumbrosoMW 3:00-4:20SIA71
COS 495Special Topics in Computer Science: Neural Networks: Theory and ApplicationsS. SeungMW 3:00-4:20MC28
COS 498Senior Independent Work (B.S.E. candidates only)M. Martonosi, R. Fish
COS 510Programming LanguagesA. AppelMW 11:00-12:20CS105
COS 511Theoretical Machine LearningR. LivniW 4:30-5:50LL120
COS 518Advanced Computer SystemsM. FreedmanMW 1:30-2:50FC003
COS 522Computational ComplexityG. KolTTh 3:00-4:20FC005
COS 583Great Moments in ComputingM. MartonosiTTh 9:30-10:50CS402
COS 586Topics in STEP: Information Technology and Public Policy (See WWS586F)D. Dobkin, J. HueyTh 1:00-4:00RH035
COS 598AAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Wireless Networking and Sensing SystemsK. JamiesonTTh 1:30-2:50CS301
COS 598BAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Natural AlgorithmsB. ChazelleF 1:30-4:20FC009
COS 598DAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Patterns in Network ArchitectureP. ZaveT 1:30-4:20CS402
COS 598EAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Unsupervised Learning: Theory and PracticeE. HazanW 1:30-4:20CS302
COS 598FAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Deep Learning for Graphics and VisionT. FunkhouserF 1:30-4:20CS302
COS 598GAdvanced Topics in Computer Science: Algorithms in Computational BiologyB. RaphaelMW 11:00-12:20CS302

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