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Course Schedule: Fall 2016

COS 109Computers in Our WorldD. DobkinTTh 1:30-2:50AB219
COS 126Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary ApproachK. WayneTTh 10:00-10:50MC50
COS 217Intro. To Programming SystemsA. AppelTTh 10:00-10:50MC10
COS 226Algorithms and Data StructuresR. SedgewickTTh 11:00-12:20FC101
COS 231Integ/Quantitative Intro to Nat Sci I (See ISC231)MWF 10:00-10:50IL101
COS 232Integ/Quantitative Intro to Nat Sci I (See ISC232)TTh 10:00-10:50IL101
COS 318Operating SystemsJ. SinghMW 11:00-12:20FC006
COS 326Functional ProgrammingD. WalkerMW 3:00-4:30RH100
COS 340Reasoning about ComputationB. ChazelleMW 1:30-2:50MC28
COS 375Computer Architecture and OrganizationM. MartonosiMW 1:30-2:50AB219
COS 397Junior Independent WorkA. LaPaugh
COS 402Machine Learning and Artificial IntelligenceE. Hazan, Arora, SanjeevTTh 11:00-12:20PH145
COS 418Distributed SystemsM. Freedman, Jamieson, K.MW 10:00-10:50CS105
COS 429Computer VisionS. RusinkiewiczTTh 3:00-4:20FC006
COS 432Information Security (See ELE432)N. FeamsterMW 11:00-12:20ATN101
COS 475Computer Architecture (See ELE475)D. WentzlaffMW 1:30-2:50SH001
COS 487Theory of ComputationR. TarjanMW 1:30-2:50CS105
COS 497Senior Independent WorkA. LaPaugh
COS 516Automated Reasoning about SoftwareA. GuptaMW 1:30-2:50CS402
COS 521Advanced Algorithm DesignS. Arora, Kothari, PraveshTTh 1:30-2:50EQA224
COS 526Advanced Computer GraphicsT. FunkhouserMW 3:00-4:20CS402
COS 551Introduction to Genomics and Computational Molecular BiologyM. SinghTTh 11:00-12:20IL101
COS 561Advanced Computer NetworksJ. RexfordTTh 3:00-4:20CS105
COS 597AAdvanced Topics in Computer Science - Locally Decodable Codes and their applicationsZ. DvirW 1:30-4:20CS401
COS 597CRecent Developments in Program ObfuscationM. ZhandryTTh 11:00-12:20FC111
COS 597DReasoning about concurrent systemsZ. KincaidMW 3:00-4:20FC009
COS 597EAdvanced Topics in Computer Science - Securing HardwareD. AugustMW 10:00-10:50CS102
COS 597FProofs, beliefs and algorithms through the lens of Sum of SquaresP. KothariM 1:30-4:20FC108
COS 981Junior Independent WorkA. LaPaugh
COS 984Senior ThesisA. LaPaugh

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