Princeton University
Computer Science Dept.

Computer Science 598d
Advanced Topics in Computer Science
Geometric Modeling for Computer Graphics

Thomas Funkhouser

Spring 1998

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This course will focus on synthesis, analysis, and simulation of three-dimensional geometric models for use in computer graphics. Topics include geometric representation and specification methods, procedural modeling, model capture, simulation, visualization, and animation.

General Information




There is no formal textbook for this course. However, you will probably find the following books very useful.


  1. Introduction to Course
  2. Requirements of Interactive 3D Graphics
  3. Overview of Object Representations
  4. Scene Graph Representations
    1. Optimization of scene graphs
  5. Polygonal Representations
    1. Mesh representations
    2. Procedural generation of polygonal representations
    3. Mesh capture and reconstruction
    4. Fixup of mesh representations
    5. Mesh simplification
    6. Multiresolution mesh representations
  6. Curve and Surface Representations
    1. Real-time surface rendering
  7. Solid Representations
    1. BSP Trees
    2. Voxels
  8. Image-Based Representations
    1. View Interpolation
    2. Light Field and Lumigraph
    3. Hybrid Geometry- and Image-Based Methods
  9. Review of Object Representations
  10. Simulation
    1. Lighting
    2. Appearance


Coursework will be split into four categories: thought exercises, programming assignments, oral presentations, and a course project.

Student Projects

Schedule and Readings

2/3:   Introduction to Course

2/5:   Interactive 3D Modeling

2/10:   Representations of Geometry for Computer Graphics

2/12:   Scene Graph Representations

2/17:   Discussion of Course Projects

2/19:   Polygonal and Mesh Representations

2/24:   Mesh Reconstruction 2/26:   Mesh Simplfication 3/3:   Multiresolution Mesh Representations 3/5:   Mesh Fixup and Analysis 3/10:   Course Project Proposals 3/12:   Curve and Surface Representations 3/17:   Spring Break

3/19:   Spring Break

3/26:   BSP Trees

3/31:   Solid Representations (Voxels, Octrees, etc.) 4/2:   Image-Based Representations 4/7:   Light Fields & Lumigraphs 4/14:   Hybrid Geometry- & Image-Based Representations 4/9:   Review of Object Representations 4/16:   Discussion 4/21:   Lighting Simulation Appearance Simulation (skipped) 4/23:   Project Progress Reports 4/28:   Multiresolution Editing (Wim Sweldens)

4/30:   Computer Vision for Computer Graphics (Ingrid Carlbom)

Possible Course Projects