Princeton University
Computer Science Dept.

Computer Science 592
Seminar in Computer Systems

Edward Felten

Spring 1998

Monday 12-1, Friday 11-12, C.S. room 302

Collaborative Project: Secure Electronic Marketplace

This is a collaborative project class. We will devote the entire course to the collaborative design and construction of a secure electronic marketplace into which clients may inject agents that buy and sell goods. Everyone will work together in a single group. The emphasis will be on producing a working, scalable system that can defeat attempts by malicious clients to penetrate or crash the market server. We will proceed from design to implementation to testing as the semester goes on. By the end of the semester the system will be running on a high-end server machine, and we will evaluate our work by inviting the public to try it out.

Subproject groups

We've divided the design and implementation effort into four subprojects. (Note that the subproject pages are working documents that are not intended as a polished introduction to the project.)

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