Elementary implementations. Ordered array and linked list. Understand the performance of each.

Comparable vs. equals. Keys must either be comparable or have an equals method which takes into account the semantics of the object. The default equals method only checks reference equality.

API for Symbol Table and Ordered Symbol Table. Know the operations that go with symbol tables and ordered symbol tables. You don't have to be able to list them, but you should understand what they mean.

Symbol table performance. Understand the performance of our elementary implementations.

Recommended Problems

C level

B level

  1. In our elementary implementations, we considered ordered arrays and linked lists. We did not consider ordered linked lists. Why not?
  2. Give an example of something that you might like to store as a key in a symbol table for which there is no natural compare method.
  3. Do there exist any objects for which it is impossible to define a total order? In other words, can we always write a compare method if we're willing to do the work, or are some data types fundamentally impossible to compare other than for equality?

A level

  1. None available.