Assignment 0: JS Paint

Due: Tue, Feb 1 at 11:55pm

Build a simple paint program in JavaScript. Think of this as the walk before the run.

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Assignment 1: Fauxtoshop

Due: Sun, Feb 13 at 11:55pm

Build a photo editor that supports a rich and diverse set of image processing operations.

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Assignment 2: Mesh Editor

Due: Fri, Mar 4 at 11:55pm

Build a simple modeling program that uses half-edge based algorithms to filter and warp meshes.

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Assignment 3: Raytracer

Due: Mon, Mar 28 at 11:55pm

Build a raytracer that approximates the behavior of light to realistically render scenes.

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Assignment 4: Rasterizer

Due: Sun, Apr 10 at 11:55pm

Build a rasterizer that renders scenes at a frame rate suitable for games and other media.

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Assignment 5: Simulator

Due: Sun, Apr 17 at 11:55pm

Build a cloth simulator that numerically integrates Newton's equations of motion to model fabric.

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Final Project

Due: Tue, May 3 at 11:55pm

Work in small groups to build a large graphics-based project for the web.

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