COS 333: Projects from previous years

Sat Jan 15 14:57:33 EST 2022

Here are some sketches of previous projects in COS 333; they might be useful in giving you an idea of the range of ideas that have been explored and some people to talk to. It's a great collection of interesting and fun projects.

Let the lead instructor know of any errors.

2021 Fall: (Robert Dondero)

Ambush: a web-based social platform that makes event schedules, locations, dates/times, etc. more easily available to Princeton students by sorting this information based on a student's preferences and proximity to the event. Orlson Joseph, Kanuyon Mateah, and Larry Zebaze

Campus Construction Map: a map-based web application that conveys to campus visitors the importance of campus construction projects that are geared towards meeting the University's sustainability targets. Ian Jaccojwang, Mutemwa Masheke, and Anya Sharma

EventMatch: a centralized platform that allows Princeton students to explore campus events by swiping left or right to find ones they are interested in, and that allows Princeton club leaders to create and manage events. Gagik Amaryan, Zoha Enver, Warren Quan, and Tan Vu

food 4 u: a web application that helps the Princeton community to better organize distribution and retrieval of free food by highlighting the time and location of free food giveaway events. Daphne Barretto, Aaron Buck, and Ben Chan

Hobnob: a web application that enhances the Codenames game by adding a wide range of modifications and game scenarios. Creston Brooks, Srija Makkapati, Henrique Schechter Vera, and Alexis Sursock

KGo: a web based esports platform where users can join games, schedule matches, join teams and organizations, analyze their statistics, and share their streams. Julio Cez Castro Lins Barroso, James Grosz, and Daniel (James) Poag

Lab Energy Monitoring: a web application, developed in cooperation with the Office of Sustainability and advised by Behavioral Science consultancy Evidn, that provides statistical insight into campus lab energy use in an effort to meet Princeton's Emission goals for 2026. Justin Bi, William Olson, Morgan Teman, Brian Tieu, and Ryan Xia

Mist: a social media and map integration application that displays a map of the Princeton campus with event markers over the buildings, and allows users to click on the markers to view the event details: their room numbers and times, and people who are interested in attending. Hassan Abioye, Nicholas Cabrera, Anthony Gartner, and Benjamin Nadon

Music@Princeton: a web application that revamps and revitalizes the instrument locker rental process at Princeton University. Annette Lee, Donovan Pearce, and Nobline Yoo

NOWW (available through the iOS App Store as "NOWW: Join Friends"): an iOS location-based social discovery application which shows spontaneous events for eating, studying, exercising, socializing, or more around your current location. Jackie Chen, Christine Sun, Jenny Sun, and Harvey Wang

Preface Scheduler: a tutor scheduling website for the Preface organization, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that jump-starts childhood literacy by pairing high school mentors with elementary school students to set them up for a lifetime of learning. AnneMarie Caballero, Tanzila Morshed, Jennifer Secrest, and Nasko Tenev

PrincetonCal: a scheduling web application that allows Princeton students to import their Google Calendar events, specify their courses, add additional courses, and add additional events, and subsequently find mutually available times for proposed future events. Yasmine Calvo, Dangely Canabal, Yejoong (Paul) Kim, Kenny Lam, and Dawn Luong

Solien Gallery: a web application that provides a convenient and elegant way for owners of Solien non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a particular set of NFTs existing on the Solana Blockchain, to create a gallery of their NFTs. Gabriel Grajeda, Nicholas Hovsmith, Gabriel Lebeau, and Aaron Skepasts

TigerClubs: a web application that allows Princeton students to rank clubs by categories such as inclusiveness, fun, diversity, etc., thereby helping students to find clubs they would like to join, and helping club leaders to improve their clubs. Eesha Agarwal, Anthony Guerra, Natalie Reptak, Nadia Rodriguez, and Camila Vasquez

TigerFit: a fitness application that allows Prrinceton students to track workouts, visualize progress, and promote healthy lifestyles on campus. Kevin Castro, Adam Gamba, Ian Murray, and Darren Zheng

TigerMap: a web application that gives members of the Princeton community the ability to click on a Princeton building and see an exploded view of it, both helping students to locate the specific room they need, and also providing students with information like what classes are held there and what AV connections it has. Jazz Chang, Andy Jeon, and Ari Riggins

TigerSearch: a web-based centralized lost and found platform for Princeton students and staff to connect missing items with their owners. Omar El-Kishky, Mandy Lin, Moin Mir, and Anagha Rajagopalan

TigerThrift: a web application that facilitates buying and selling clothing and promotes sustainability within the Princeton undergraduate community. Katie Chou, Katelyn Rodrigues, and Iroha Shirai

TutorMatch: a web-based scheduling system for the volunteer tutors and administrative staff of the HomeWorks organization, a Trenton-based organization that supports Black and Brown high school girls attending Trenton public schools. Taylor Akin, Andra Constantin, Sophie Goldman, and Hein Pham

UltiStats: an ultimate frisbee statistics tracking web platform that, based on user input during games, allows players, captains, and coaches to track statistics such as goals, assists, completions, completion percentage, turnover percentages, and more, and allows teams to review statistics by game, tournament, and season. Alex Baroody, Zach Hammack, Yazan Mimi, and Adam Ziff

2021 Spring: (Robert Dondero)

Certificat: a web application open to Princeton University students that provides a convenient way to plan the completion of certificate program course requirements. Clayton Ferguson, Jaelin Haynes, Henry Herrington, Jafar Howe

ClinQs: a web application to streamline healthcare interventions by providing an accessible framework for understanding clinical survey responses. Ezra Edelman, Vedrana Ivezic, Briana Macedo, Shivani Prusty

ClubCal: a web application that gives Princeton University students the ability to easily navigate extracurriculars on campus. Brooke Gallagher, Ayah Saue, Selena Shaw, Will Svoboda

ClubHub: a centralized Princeton platform for all things club-related, allowing students to search for undergraduates and student organizations, browse student and club profiles for relevant information, post on behalf of clubs to communicate with students, and follow clubs to stay updated with current events and information. Mohammad Alqudah, Kevin Huang, Aliya Ismagilova, Brendan Zelikman

CodeYourChances: an online educational platform that facilitates the workshops held by Code Your Chances, a nonprofit organization that teaches young girls the importance of computer science and the opportunities they can create for themselves by learning to code. Joshua Ku, Gabriel Laniewski, Grace Liu, Ashley Teng, Brendan Wang

GetTogether: a location-based social media web applicaiton that allows users to create, join, and post in interest-based channels, and lets users create events tied to a user-provided location. Lucas Gen, Yusuf Kocaman, Sean Zatz

Mercer County Park Trails Mapper: a web application that offers a digital trail mapping system that allows users to navigate through and better enjoy parks in Mercer County, NJ, having a map feature and an interface to discover more specific information about certain parks and trails. Ethan Abraham, Katherine Elmlinger, Ryan Eusebi, Henry Vecchione

Pawblicity: a streamlined activity and events feed for Princeton student organizations, replacing the inefficient publicity system of listserv blasting and creating a centralized hub for students to find and learn more about events from their favorite clubs. Grace Chen, Hetvi Patel, Maithili Shingne, Lucas Stewart

Pawcasso: a web application that allows users to explore art pieces from the Princeton Art Museum on a Tinder-like interface, and build personal art collections based on the pieces they like. Nina Onyemeziem, Jacob Raghoobar, Alberto Rigail Cabrera, Cathy Teng

Rebook: a textbook exchange web application that connects Princeton students who are looking to buy and sell textbooks from their peers; users can either sell textbooks by posting a listing onto the site, or buy textbooks by purchasing from the site; the application offers searching, sorting, filtering, price comparison with major retailers, purchasing through Venmo, and email notifications for all transactions. Sophie Li, Jayson Wu, Connie Xu

RegTiger: a web application that pairs organizers and judges for collegiate debate tournaments together, making it easier to find tournaments to apply to for judges, while creating a centralized location for organizers to post tournaments, accept applications, and manage their judge hiring count and cost. Anubhav Agarwal, Shiva Saravanan, Anna Sivaraj, Greg Weaving

TigerDraw: a web application that makes it easier for Princeton students and their draw groups to find potential rooms; rather than using the "How Rooms Drew" and "Available Rooms" PDFs that Princeton Housing provides every year, TigerDraw consolidates this information into an easy-to-use web platform. Christine Cho, Grace Suenca, Frank Ge, Hannah Huh

TigerLink: a web application for connecting students and alumni through shared careers and communities; the application matches each student to an alum; it also offers alums the chance to stay connected with their alumni groups on campus through a Timeline feature, seek personalized matches and connections with students and other alumni who were involved in similar activities on campus, and even see what their classmates have been up to post-graduation. Ayush Alag, Sahil Jain, Rohan Jinturkar, Janum Shah, Devon Ulrich

TigerMunch: an iOS application that streamlines the process of purchasing food and other essentials for Princeton University students, providing a convenient way to coordinate shopping trips among students who live near each other. Sahil Ambardekar, Rohan Jasani, Nihar Kommu, Niva Sivakumar

TigerResearch: a web application that supports the ReMatch program hosted by Princeton's Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR); the application allows mentors and mentees to browse other people's profiles and edit their own, and allows admins to browse all profiles and generate matchings between mentors and mentees. Andrew Chen, Autumn Tan, Henry Tang, Howard Yen

TigerSnatch: a service that helps Princeton students with course enrollment through its Subscriptions and Trades features; with Subscriptions students can subscribe to full sections of a course and be notified by email when a new spot is available; with Trades, the application facilitates swaps between students who are enrolled in different full sections/precepts of the same course. Shannon Heh, Nicholas Padmanabhan, Byron Zhang

TigerTools: a map web application for members of Princeton University to locate various amenities around campus; additionally, users can receive amenity-specific information, place work orders for facility-related concerns, and leave their own reviews of amenities. Raymond Liu, Indu Panigrahi, Adam Rebei

TigerTooth: a web application which allows Princeton students to compose ratings and reviews of Princeton Dining Hall menu food items, and view ratings and reviews left by fellow students; students also can compose and review reactions to a specific Dining Hall as a whole, and view the dining hall menu at the current meal time. Sam Liang, David Liu, Sumanth Maddirala

Tiger ReTail (TRT): an online marketplace for Princeton students to buy and sell campus-related goods; sellers can post items for sale to the image gallery; buyers can initiate transactions for items they wish to purchase; the system is the matchmaker that helps start the beneficial exchange of goods. Albert Lin, Phoebe Lin, Katie McLaughlin, Sara Schwartz

VaccinateNJ: a web application that allows NJ residents to quickly locate COVID-19 vaccination sites near them, view these locations on an interactive map, check availability at these sites, and sign up for email notifications that will notify them if vaccinations become available at their saved sites. Rifat Islam, Anika Maskara, Srija Patcha, Maya Rozenshteyn

Vocabulaire: a vocabulary learning web app designed for Princeton's FRE 101 course; the app has a database of vocabulary words with multimedia entries providing the definition, pronunciation, conjugation, and an associated image for each word, and provides tools for an administrator to update and maintain this database. Armani Aguiar, Daniel Macleod, Megan Ogawa, Ethan Sisbarro

2020 Fall: (Robert Dondero)

Book Exchange: a web application that that allows Princeton students to trade course textbooks easily. Vedant Dhopte, Tiana Fitzgerald, Raphael Njoku, Toussaint Webb, Emmandra Wright

Class 5: a course recommendation system aiming to make Princeton students more aware of courses they might enjoy based on their interests. Chaz Bethel-Brescia, Arin Champati, Ethan Seide

Collaborative Campus Map: a web application that allows users to (1) view pins containing photographs uploaded by Princeton students of various places on campus, and (2) contribute themselves by creating new pins or adding photos to existing pins. David Booth, Rishwanth Raghu, JT Tao, Erin Vuong

Fair Share Housing 4: a dynamic web application to serve the purpose as a centralized online database to help citizens of New Jersey identify and contact housing developments with the objective of finding affordable housing. Mitchell Cooper, Rachel Sylwester, Kevin Yang, Isabel Zaller

Fair Share Housing 5: a website primarily for affordable housing seekers in the state of New Jersey and employees of Fair Share Housing, showing listings of properties and lots proposed for fair housing development or currently on the market exclusively for low-income residents of New Jersey. Veronica Abebe, Marina Beshai, Nastasia Klevak, Khandaker Momataz, Julis Ruskin

Hive 5: a web application that helps the NYC Beekeeping Project standardize and retain beekeeping inspection information. Nsomma Alilonu, Mary Davis, Rachel Lee, Frelicia Tucker

Princeton Course Shopper: a platform that allows Princeton students to view course materials which professors choose to upload, with the goal of helping students find courses that they would like to take. Kevin Feng, Doris Li, Rahul Saha, Anlin Zhang

Project Discourse: a web application that allows professors to more efficiently and effectively give feedback to students on written assignments. Cindy Han, Angelo Ou, Amanda Vera

TASK Job Scheduler: a web application that gives clients of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) a more streamlined and easy-to-access method of scheduling job interviews with employers affiliated with TASK. Anika Duffus, Sonia Gu, Pang Nganthavee, Andrew Paul, Kwan Sirisakunngam

TigerBuddy: a web application designed to help Princeton students identify others in their class to work with on school work. Caio Costa, Will Drury, Jordan Heinzel-Nelson, Zach Lopez, Ryan Zhang

TigerBuy: a web application that connects students, groups, and companies looking to sell products to Princeton students with Princeton students. Christine Deng, William Peters, Kelvin Yu

Tiger Cookbook: a recipe sharing application where users can share their own favorite recipes as well as search for reciped created by other users. Kyra Acquah, Ishani Kulkarni, Joanna Kuo, Monigue Legaspi

Tigermatch: a CAS-authenticated web application that helps Princeton undergraduate students to find dates. Kevin Lin, Saad Malik, Kasey McFadden, Diego Zamalloa-Chion

Timely: a homework manager and task tracker that gives students productivity metrics such as the amount of time a user spends on an assignment and a predicted time to complete assignments. Mariah Crawford, David Lipman, Lindsey Moore, Jorge Zreik

TimeTables: a website dedicated to schedule management specifically focused on aiding the Princeton Coffee Club. Bates Brodie, AJ Kawczynski, Dylan Snyder, Batya Stein, Kevin Zheng

2020 Spring: (Robert Dondero)

Adviser Finder: a web application that allows Princeton University COS undergraduates to search for potential independent work advisers. Rohan Joshi, Min Lee, Greg McCord

Best Buddies: A human subject experiment management system designed for Princeton Computational Neuroscience Lab to assist with logistic work, including calendar management, buddy finder and automated email service. Yechen Hu, Jessica Ramirez, Lauren Tang, Maximilian Walther

Digital Passbook: An Android application that allows members of eating clubs to send invitations to non-members, and allow bouncers to scan the passes of users and verify their identity. Charles An, David Basili, Justin Curl, Dane Jacobson, Devin Plumb

Letters to Strangers: Letters to Strangers is a global, youth-run nonprofit seeking to destigmatize mental illness and make mental health personal. Currently, members of their chapters can participate in an anonymous exchange process of handwritten letters, inspired by therapy-informed themes and guiding questions. The Letters to Strangers web application is brings this letter exchange process online, so individuals all over the world can participate, and so staff members from each chapter, who need to review submitted letters before they are sent out to a recipient, can work together more easily to handle the growing demand. Gene Chou, Herman Ishengoma, Zaynab Masood, Leanna Nguyen, Melody Zheng

MealQueue: An online ordering service for Princeton’s Late Meal program, where students can login and order items from a subset of Late Meal’s menu from anywhere on campus. This application also benefits the Late Meal staff. Not only does it provide them with an interface to handle items that require preparation, but it also provides them with statistics that may aid them in making business decisions regarding the purchase of items and efficiency of their operations. Aryan Bhasin, Manan Goenka, Oleg Golev, Anthony Hein, Rahul Jagetia

PAC Scheduling: a three tier web application for dancers at Princeton University to book and view studio availability for the ten dance studios managed by the Performing Arts Council (PAC) on campus. Helen Chen, Angela Li, Nicole Meister, Edward Tian

Pools: a mobile-responsive web application that is an easy-to-use, intuitive platform for members of the Princeton community to form carpools to major airports in the Princeton area. Katie Dijkstra, Aryaman Khandelwal, Audrey Laude

Princeton Connect: a web application hosted on Heroku that provides a platform for students seeking roommates over the summer to connect with one another. Bharat Govil, Long Ho, Lucas Maake, Jaiteg Singh

Re-Search: a search engine that helps ORFE students to find faculty advisors for independent work, such as senior theses or even summer research Rebecca Banks, Brandon Huynh, Allan Kipkorir, Alexander Valtchanov

ReEats: a website that is aiming at reducing food waste by selling restaurants' leftover food at discounted prices. Beatrice Caruntu, Arjun Krishnan, Vedika Patwari, Sunita Srivatsan, Noa Zarur

Shift Scheduler: a web-based platform for the Butler/Wilson dining hall employees of Princeton University to efficiently manage their shifts, providing a wide variety of functionalities as well as an aesthetic interface. Ekin Gurgen, Begum Ortaoglu, Theo Trevisan, Cheyenne Zhang

Spot: a free-to-use website for arranging meetups between pet owners and animal lovers. Alex Dipasupil, Charlie Liu, Jessica Pan

Students' Speaker Initiative: a web application that facilitates the election of a speaker or panel of speakers on behalf of the undergraduate student body. Caroline Di Vittorio, Thomas Johnson, Leslie Kim, Epi Torres-Smith, Charlie Vrattos

Tangelo: A web application that allows its target users -- members of the Princeton community -- to view and organize a vast array of pertinent information from a single dashboard containing customizable widgets. Fawaz Ahmad, Ziv Batscha, Austin Mejia, Ryan Thorpe

Tiger Photos: a centralized platform for students of Princeton University to showcase their skills in photography, videography, and editing to the broader community. TigerPhotos helps the broader community to appreciate the work of these talented individuals and hire them to help capture the special memories such as eating club formals, thesis pictures, dance performances. Allen Dai, Alicia Liu, Aaron Nguyen, Keith Register, Mwad Saleh

TigerPair: A web application that consolidates existing and future alumni mentorship programs onto one user-friendly platform. Chris Barkachi, Tara Cubeisy, Daniel Goodman, Vikash Modi, Abhinaya Raghunathan

TigerTickets: a web platform that allows Princeton students to buy, sell, and exchange tickets for student events. Joe Chen, Jenny Sheng, Sunny Yoo

ZeroSum: a web application that takes the house out of the world or sports betting, essentially making sports betting a zero-sum game where one better's winnings are directly one better's losses. Yaw Asante, Carlin Powell, Dale Tiongson

2019 Fall: (Robert Dondero)

ClubHub: a web application that provides a consistent and accurate listing of Princeton student clubs and organizations Zyanne Clay-Hubbard, Jonah Lytle, Natalie O'Leary, Jacob Schachner, Richard Wolf

CodeLads: a browser-based code editor that allows multiple programmers to edit the same source code files concurrently Justin Son, Isaac, Velasquez, Justin Yi

Expresso: a web application designed for Coffee Club, a student-run initiative, that will enhance the current Princeton student interaction with purchasing coffee, increase business for Coffee Club, and simplify the in-house management for the hard-working baristas Victor Hua, Joseph Kim, Hari Raval, Karen Ying, Dora Zhao

FindItFast: a web application for Princeton students and visitors that displays a map of campus with commonly used utilities, such as printers, hotspots, laundry machines, kitchens, and more and allows users to select or search for utilities to find the nearest one to their current location Mikako Inaba, Jason Kim, Julianne Knott, Jack Miron, Charles Smith

ForePlay: A web application that allows a party host to create a collaborative playlist with his party's guests, and lets them all up-vote the songs added Samuel Breckenridge, Matthew Collins, David Slear, Tyler Skow, Alex Williams

Freat: A map-based web application that allows its users to post notifications of free food available on Princeton's campus, and allows users to discover free food near their current locations Ibrahim Ali Hashmi, Bianca Catoto, Claire Dong, Gilron Tsabkevich

GoFetch: A mobile web application that allows customers to post descriptions of tasks, and allows fetchers to discover and claim tasks that they would like to do Deus Alleluia Nsenga, William Chung, Albert Kim

Mockingbird: a web application that expedites and facilitates the mock interview process by matching users via characteristics such as industry(s) interests, role(s) interests, previous work experience, number of interviews done, etc. Damon Caron, Kevin Feng, Drew Limpasuvan, Chuk Uzoegwu, Annie Zhou

myTime: a web application that helps students to enhance their productivity by allowing them to track, organize, and visualize tasks that must be completed and then schedule out their work sessions accordingly Alan Ding, Kimora Kong, Michelle Woo

OrangePages: a social networking platform that allows Princeton students to connect via posts and comments, find each other by classes, clubs, majors and many other criteria, and have complete control over their profile data and who can find them Elise Colter, Jessica Fielding, Jamie Guo, Julie Kallini, Ze-Xin Koh

Pop!: A web application that allows Princeton students to publicize events, indicate which events they will attend, and thereby meet other Princeton students through those events Diamond Acharya, Edward Gartner, Sher Gill, Al Liang

PrincetonAdviserSearch: a web application that matches Princeton Computer Science students with independent work and thesis advisers based on area of research, and provides easy access to the reports of indendent work and theses that advisers have advised in previous semesters Van Brantley, Aaron Lichtblau, Kolby McDaniel, Phillip Taylor

PrincetonPlants: A web application that display a map view of the Princeton campus with pins indicating each tree location, allows users to select a tree on the map to find out more information about the tree, and provides a guided tour of some of the trees Wendy Ho, Zoe Kahana, Hannah Smalley

QRoom: A mobile web application that allows Princeton students to check the availability of every study room in places like Firestone and Frist, walk to the room directly, and upon arrival scan a QR code to indicate that the room is taken Saisha Agrawal, Jeanna Joseph, Amy Xu, Suki Yip, Lily Zhang

reTail: A web application which provides a virtual marketplace for the Princeton community, allowing users to buy, sell, auction, and exchange items with minimum effort and maximum audience Pablo Bickenbach, Ilene E, Carina Lewandowski, Jonathan Salama, Paskalino, Spirollari

Shifty: an online web application that allows Campus Recreation employees to easily view, drop, and exchange their work shifts Brandy Chen, Labib Hussain, Jeremy Pulmano, Kawin Tiyawattanaroj

TigerBites: a web application that help centralize the eating club meal experience for both eating club members and eating club admininstrators by allowing club members to easily access updated and accurate weekly menus, order food to take-out, and submit comments about meals Avi Bendory, Heidi Kim, Skyler Liu, Yujin Yamahara

TigerMatch: an iPhone application that provides Princeton students with a channel to match with other Princeton students without revealing their identities until they wish to reveal them Max Fu, Daniel Huynh, Eno Reyes

TigerStudy: A web application that allows Princeton students to see dynamically where classmates are currently studying, schedule future study groups, or post questions to a class discussion board Taylor Beckett, Claire Guthrie, Olivia Kane

TigerTask: a web application that allows Princeton students to order U-Store items using their mobile devices, and have the items delivered right to their doors on the same day for small fees Matthew Fastow, Peter Mwesigwa, Greg Smith, Eric Tsang

2019 Spring: (Brian Kernighan and Christopher Moretti)

TigerRide: sharing Uber/Lyft/other transportation services to and from Princeton, Christine Kwon, Christy Lee, Anabelle Chang, Nick Schmeller (link)

TigerMeet: connect with other students for recreation, transportation, and academic coordination, Bora Kiyan, Andrew Lin, Raymond Park, David Wu (link)

inPerson: reference friends' schedules to arrange meals, problem set groups, or meetings, Alice Gao, Ioanna Teodorescu, Anna Qin, Michael Peng (link)

Princeton ArtFinder:explore the campus art nearest to you!, Alden Hunt, Sadie Van Vranken, Rhea Braun, Tommy Martinson (link)

PorkBun: locate preferred dishes and dining halls, Justin Chang, Khatanbuuwei Bold (link)

TigerTeams: discuss, implement, and collaborate with other students, Mike Hallee, Avi Boppana, William Ughetta (link)

CalcuLateMeal: take full advantage of Late Meal in the Frist Gallery, Kelly Petrino, Grace Hong, Nina He, Arjun Devraj, Eileen Wang (link)

Poster: schedule casual and spontaneous pick-me-up activities without having to know anyone in advance, Henry Peters, Katherine Wang, Kai Xin Tai, Mensheng Romano iOS Android

Meet-up: a user-friendly and graphical scheduling app for you and your friends, Ollie Schwartz, David Zuluaga, Alex Bechtold, Gabe Stengel (link)

Tiger Message: connect and message knowing only name or netID, Nathan Lovett-Genovese, Emerson Thomas, Nebil Ibrahim (link)

TigerMingle (née CoffeeDate): set up coffee dates between members, Karan Arora, Sebastian Guzman, Bhaamati Borkhetaria (link)

Districter: A crowdsourced redistricting tool to map communities and make your voice heard., Theodor Marcu, Somya Arora, Preeti Iyer, Kyle Barnes, Lauren Johnston (link)

TigerTravel: connect and pool together for ride sharing apps like Lyft or Uber, Bobby Morck, Donovan Coronado, Shaurya Garg, Hanson Kang (link)

Blib: anonymously share opinions, confessions and thoughts with other students, John Suh, JM Cho, Ezra Zinberg, Nicholas Liu (link)

FIOOR: athlete questionnaire and data visualization platform, Andrew Griffin, Adam Chang, Arman Medghalchi, Liam Collins (link)

2018 Fall: (Robert Dondero)

Dynamic News Delivery: a web application that encourages greater engagement with the news by creating "personalized web newspapers" for each user Aditya Kohli, Matteo Russo, Ruben Dicker, Georgy Noarov, Catherine Nguyen

Notify MEal: a meal notification applicatino that allows Princeton students on the dining hall plan to be aware of when their preferred meals appear in the dining halls Christine Lu, Cathleen Kong, Yash Govil, Mashad Arora, Arul Gupta

Princeton PinPoint: A lost and found application tailored for the Princeton University community that uses pins on a map to represent lost or found items Diego Fierros, Rachel Inman, Mario Liu, Robin Staab

clikr: a cross-platrorm mobile web application that replaces traditional in-class clickers by providing seamless polling sollutions with advanced analytics for professors Emre Cakir, Zoe Yang, Angela Feng

TigerMeals Delivery: a web application for ordering catered food from restaurants, providing information on restaurant availability, catering packages and rates, and delivery features Vinay Ramesh, Ali Taylor, Janet Lee, Niranjan Shankar

PrinceTour: a location-aware mobile web application that allows users to discover the history of Princeton University landmarks and take structured tours of the campus and Thanh Nguyen, Stephen Liu, Traci Mathieu, Austin Wang

What's Roaring: a web application that displays events in the Princeton University and town community and allows the user to add those events to their personal calendars. Becky Barber, Claire Du, Berthy Feng, Ariel Chen, Rachel Coe-Scharf

On Pointe: a web application that helps Princeton's artistic directors by automating the allocation and scheduling of dance studios Ally Dalman, Grace Ackerman, Doug Feagin, Ami Berman

Ketchup With Friends: an Android application that reminds the user to contact friends routinely and makes it easy to do so Priscilla Bushko, Belinda Zhang Boyu, Kasarn Jeradechachai

D4D: an Android, iOS, and web application that facilitates communication, data gathering, and data analysis involving trainers and users in the Dogs for Diabetics orgnization Camden Olson, Max Piasevoli, Russell Slighton, Matthew Yeh

CampusEye: an iOS or Android application for anonymously sharing videos that allows users within a specific community to post videos and view the most recent, most trending, and highest upvoted videos Victor Riveros, Bruno Fernandes, Aleksandra Kostic

Thrive: a web application, targeted at first-generation college students, that helps users break large projects down into manageable goal hierarchies Josh Gardner, Sonia Joseph, Hamza Mahmood, Justin Tran, Viktoria Zlatinova

TigerEats: a nutritionist portal website that allows campus nutritionists to view students' meal intake history, give them recommendations and feedback on their choices, and update their nutrition goals as necessary Ishan Sinha, Paulo Frazao, Gabriel Birman, Jamie Mercurio a web application that implements a moderator and user interface for organizers and players to create games of Assassin, allowing them to use custom rules and streamline notifications Thomas Colen, Adam Libresco, Ryan McCaffrey, William Li, Sean Gai

Paper Tiger: a web application that uses machine learning to discover latent topics within large text corpuses and recommend scholarly papers to users based upon papers a user has read or research proposals a user has written Quinn Donohue, Michael Li, Bisrat Moges, Michelle Yuen

The Timely Tiger: a web application that identifies common free times among its users by analyzing their Google calendars, and informs the users of those free times Daniel Pallares, Dale Lee, Cody Sedillo

TigerPages: a "Yellow Pages meets Facebook" web application, available only to Princeton students, that provides a central place to post information about Princeton clubs Sean Duncan, Nick Haug, Michael Popovici

PawSwap: a web application that streamlines the recycling and reselling of textbooks by Princeton students, allowing buyers and sellers to negotiate prices Reece Schachne, David Bowman, Ikaia Chu

OurTime: a web application that analyzes Google calendars to identify common free times among its users Emmanuel Teferi, Winfred Darko, Collins Metto

Noteable: a web application that allows users to bookmark and organize their favorite web content, and exchange meaningful articles with other people Zoe Barnswell, Lyra Katzman, Olivia Zhang

Tiger Leagues: a web application that makes managing of the Princeton FIFA League more efficient, helping administrators to manage fixtures, send reminders, and collect scores, and helping players keep track of thsir matches and gauge their opponents Chege Gitau, Obinna Umeh, Rui De Oliveira, Ivy Xue

EventSpace: A web application designed to help Princeton student groups reserve rooms and spaces around campus for practices/performances/meetups Rod Eric Joseph, Joel Ritossa, Nicholas Ioffreda

PrincetonEats: a web application to help Princeton students discover and find new places to eat off campus, and to review those eating places Benjamin Musoke-Lubega, Osita Ishodaro, Tyler Campbell

2018 Spring: (Brian Kernighan & Jérémie Lumbroso)

Fast Track (interface to TigerTransport), Abdulghafar Al Tair, Bilal Mukadam, Mahd Aamir Khan [link]

ClassMaps (find out where classes meet), Adrian Tong, David Todd, Yang Song, Andy Lin [link]

StudyBuddy (find a study group), Malika Oak, Ajay Penmatcha, Alexander Hagan, Carl Sun, Kevin Tsao [link]

MealUp (meal scheduling with friends), Andrew Zeng, Chi Yu, Annie Zou, May Jiang link]

InternView (learn about internships and interviews), Audrey Cheng, Jonathan Jow, William Lin, Brandon May, Jason Xu [link]

Plan Princeton (long term course planning), Ayushi Sinha, Sally Lemkemeier, Jay Li, Juliet Oh [link]

PASS (alumni search & statistics), Ben Schiffer, Daniel Lima, John Hallman, Sandun Babarandage, Shirley Zhang [link]

Bixr (pre-bicker site for students to host and attend events), Charmaine Chan, Derek Sawicki, Lucy Jing [link]

TigerTexts (centralized textbook info), David Fan, Roland Fong, Nathanael Ji, Kyle Xiao [link]

Princeton Club Talk (info on extracurricular clubs and organizations), David Major, Uri Schwartz, Michael Stambler [link]

WARD (Web Access for Room Draw), Eitan Zlatin, Jacob Edelman, Alexandra Palocz, Yanjun Yang, Theodore Ando link]

Tigerbites (menu notifications), Eric Thoman, Abby Rettew, Pulkit Singh [link]

CourseComb (better course selection), HJ Suh, Ada Nguyen, Matt Yi, DoWon Kim [link]

lampPost (event calendar), Reilly Bova, Robert Liu, Jack Neus, Tristan Pollner, Lauren von Berg [link]

NJ Carbon Dividend Calculator (compute your cost/benefit), Agata Foryciarz, Changyan Wang, Jonathan Lu, Joseph Abbate [link]

Princeton Co-op Coalition (consolidated co-op information), Madeleine Cheyette, Natalie Collina, Narek Galstyan, Julia Yu, Jonathan Zong [link]

TigerConnect (find a problem set group), Kevin Finch, Lillian Meng, Tajreen Ahmed, Jessica Edouard [link]

PressToDress (rent or sell clothing exchange), Khyati Agrawal, Binita Gupta, Jorina Kardhashi, Urvashi Uberoy, Alice Xue [link]

Covit (buy, sell, exchange goods on campus), Maia Hamin, Max Jerdee, Jake Kirkham, Spencer Sands [link]

PolitiChat (connect users of differing political persuasions), Arnab Banerji, Christopher Ferri, Matthew Penza [link]

ProspectAve (eating club events), Bill Dong, Ben Liang, Michael Man, June Ho Park, Yang Tu [link]

TigerTales (textbook exchange), Morlan Osgood, Sonia Hashim, Colton Bishop, Annette Chu, Ben Yap [link]

showMe (certificate planning and info), Moyin Opeyemi, Pratik Chheda, James Cuffe, Roopa Ramanujam, Helen Zhang [link]

TigerPath (long-term course planning), Richard Chu, Barak Nehoran, Adeniji Ogunlana, Daniel Leung [link]

Princeton Planner (long-term course planning), Robert Freeman, William Sweeny, Henry Wang, Phillip Yoon [link]

TigerTalk (facilitate campus discussions), Noah Moss, Devina Singh, Ogulcan Bayol, Ryan Gizzie [link]

TigerCal (event calendar), Sophie Kader, Jessica Nyquist, Daniel Greenberg, James Chen, Andrew Slade [link]

ProspectPass (manage eating club entrance), Olivia Johnston, Samuel Arnesen, Stephen Cornwell, Yijia Liang [link]

TigerBay (new free and for sale), Alexander Helman, Terry Rossi, Colin Reilly, Khanh Vu, Shamailah Azam [link]

Redraw (room and room draw info),

2017 Fall: (Robert Dondero)

AroundPrinceton: an "Around-Me" like Android and iOS app which students and campus visitors may use to locate various campus facilities Albert Ho, Reid Kairalla, Avinash Nayak, Radia Soulmani, Andy Zhang

Bloom: a focus enhancing assistant, implemented as a mobile phone application, that allows users to set time bound goals for themselves and share the progress of these goals with accountability partners Hilal Ahmad, Shefali Nayak, Avthar Sewrathan, Sarah Varghese

HireMe: a platform for employers and potential employees to connect through an elegant, simple interface Rami Farran, Zach Schoenfeld, Noah Weiss

Human Muse.ic: a convenient and intelligent system for radio DJs to upload information about their playlists, and provide an interface for listeners to view and interact with the data generated Raheem Barnett, Matt Harrington, Samuel Li, Lukas Novak, Rob Whitaker

JoinMe: an Android app that fosters instantaneous social integration among Princeton students by matching random students according to mutual interests Handa Chun, Suin Jeong

My Boathouse: an intuitive system that reduces overhead and headaches associated with collecting and analyzing rowing data Jordi Cabanas, Trevor Henningson, Will Hess, Lucas Manning, Jesus Serrano Cendejas

PoliticaLink: a Chrome browser extension that gives the user direct ways to contact political influencers mentioned in the current web page through email, phone, Twitter, or Facebook Jeffrey Gleason, Vignesh Rajendran, Parker Wild

RatSlack: an all-in-one solution designed to be used by researchers who work in the Brody Lab in the Princeton Neuroscience Institute to save management time and provide more convenient analytics Sam Bernstein, Zach Feig, Johann Frias, Mike Whitmore

2017 Spring (Brian Kernighan):

Fota: food finding (yelp-like) Albert Zuo, Bryan Zhu, Jay Lee

Wager: social media betting app Michael Swart, Richard Bush, William Chance, Tyler Kaye

Perceival: machine learning for Android app developers Ji-Sung Kim, Sheon Han, Vincent Po, Marc Decitre

Career Services CRM YC Sun, Amandeep Saini, David Groden, Tanvee Deokule

TigerRant: urban dictionary and rant space for courses Yun Teng, Alexander Xu, Christopher Calvete-Mondati, Jordan Reich, Thomas Gwozdz

GroupM8: create and find study groups for courses Michael Tummarello, Juan Sanchez, Julian Carney

Tebble: mobile game combining tetris & scrabble Paul Witten, Seho Young, Zhan Xian Chen

Tiger Trade Redux: buying and selling platform for students Casey Chow, Evan Wildenhain, Maryam Bahrani, Andrew Wonnacott, Perry Cate

Soccer recruiting app Mikaela Symanovich, Gudrun Jonsdottir, Nico Bayless

Prod: productivity app to track browsing, warn of time on sites Linda Liu, JD Case, John Morone, Edgar Yu

TexIt: generate Latex from handwritten mathematics Bharath Srivatsan, Rohan Doshi, Andrew Hartnett

Eventful: event management for large groups Shreyas Garg, Rohan Dhoopar, Siddarth Anand

The Prowler: aggregate on-campus publications for mobile reading Emily Tang, Fabian Roberts, Eric Hayes, Aamir Zainulabadeen

Convener: finding a meeting time Hector Solis, Gerry Wan, Aaron Bargotta

Meetable: scheduling meetings David Melvin, Josh Becker, Casey Li, Shayan Monshizadeh

BookCub: textbook exchange Grace Miles, Mohamed El-Dirany, Alex Vogelsang, Patrick Boroughs

Princeton Food Alert: dining hall menu notifications Thomas Clark, Melana Hammel, Antonio Papa, Ramon Ayala

TigerEats: club meal exchange Victoria Scott, Brigitte Lamarche, Pritika Mehra

WordUp: language learning app Henry Stolz, Jacky Kong, Luis Legro

Princeton TextBook Exchange Jake Reichl, Daniel Hahn, David Nie, Esther Liao, Rae Perez

N-Queue: improvement to CS lab TA queue system James Poindexter, Richard Henry, Isaac Resendes, Luis Gonzales-Yante

TigerFinder: find things like printers, laundry rooms, etc. on campus Peter DeLong, Korle Akiti, Brian McSwiggen, Samuel Miller

Mooody: mental health social app Xiao Yang Yu, Jesse Chou, Katelyn Neese, Lindy Zeng

reCourse: reinvented course search engine Jessica Zheng, Bill Zhang, Natalie Diaz, Julie Zhu, Elizabeth Tian

Daily Hub: personalized top content from news and web sites Luke Petruzzi, Joe Salter, Trisha Datta, Ananya Joshi

Purview: anonymous sharing of videos (Snapchat + video + YikYak) Matthew Li, Gordon Chu, Yannis Karakozis

PairDE: web-based pair programming IDE for COS 126 Rahul Mehta, Ethan Cohen, Sam Perkins, Michael Weissman

Real Talk Princeton Tom Robbins, Savannah Du, Brandon Lanchang, Jamil Merali, Vivian Mo

Reezy: summarized audio books Andrew Ng, Samhita Karnati, Kevin Liu

Princeton Courses: course info and evaluation Kara Bressler, Bensu Sicim, Caterina Golner, Mel Shu, Sebastian Hallum Clarke

Buggy: Speech to Python translator Richard Adjei, Ryan Whitfield, Joseph White, Samantha Li

QuickCanvass: improving student campaign canvassing Jessica Ji, Luisa Goytia, Sam Russell, Grace Turner

FoodMap: free food locations SeungJae Ryan Lee, Rachana Balasubramanian, Michael Friedman, Nathan Mytelka

TigerTalk: bettter version of RealTime Princeton Erika Kirgios, Sofi Inglessis, Alana Jaskir, Yotam Sagiv

Mapping Princeton: indoor directions and routes, + outdoor paths Justin Athill, Ambika Viswanathan, Angela Hillsman, Daniel Wood

WaitLess: traffic visualization for dining halls, etc. Julie Novick-Lederer, Amy Liu, Emily Hedlund, Maya Phillips

Reunion Manager Raoul Rodriguez, Kush Patel, Zach Buerger, Alex Lewis

Framework for non-player characters in video games Michael Melesse, Kraig McFadden, Ragy Morkos, David Luo

RoomScanner: personalize interface to room draw statistics Sejin Park, Sung Won Chang, Aaron Sun

Banana: meal bill split, Android+iOS Abby Van Soest, Leif Grosswiler, David Prilutsky, Jacob Whitlow, Andrew Zhou

Comet: see whether users are where they are supposed to be Sarah Pan, Claire Chiu, Margaret Li, Nina Wang

LottoDeal: lottery system for buying and selling goods Prateek Swain, Lucas Irvine, Steven Takeshita, Antony Toron, Dominic Whyte

AroundTown: event notifications on campus map Karen Zhang, Hrishi Khandeparkar, Tim Lou

WORSE: better submission / grading tool for COS 340 Lucy Lin, Ben Cohen, Kyle Goldman, Josh Maccoby, Daniel Stanley

TigerMaps: interactive map with event listings Omar Mukadam, Osama Hassan, Jelani Denis, Jose Rico

CourseGenie: BSE course planning and recommendations Kathy Fan, Rushy Panchal, Fiona Macintosh, Anya Hargil, Simisola Olofinboba

Film Sharing Platform Haochen Li, Iden Kalamej, Yuyan Zhao

Charter: shared rides using Uber Matthew Rosen, Waqarul Islam, Usama Bin Shafqat, Manisha Sivaiah, Kelly Zhou

Bring back the Yak: updated Yik Yak Sarah Zhou, Angela Mao, Jose Rodriguez, Andre Xiong, Victor Zhou

PrincetonPool: Ride-sharing for Princeton students Annie Chen, Rani Jaiswal, Cindy Liu, Alice Tang

Tiger Tickets: buy & sell tickets for on-campus shows Guowei Jason Shi, Alex Lam, Evelyn Karis, Richard Du, Henry Birge-Lee

2016 Spring: (Christopher Moretti)

Hospitalist, Revamping Hospital Triage, Philip Adams, Aana Bansal, Kai Lu, Joe Sheehan

grouPics, See your events in pictures, Adam Grabowski, Andrew Lauria, Michal Prenovitz, Thomas Weng

TigerPath, Find a path through COS major, Sam Cheng, Will Hinthorn, Viveque Ramji, Bennett Victor, Natalie Wertz

Clumbr, Android club sports manager, Caleb Gum, Jacob Kaplan, Katie Lim

Assignment Calendars, Due date organization, Gina Hong, Ilya Krasnovsky, Andrea Malleo, Nick Maselli

What to Fix: Princeton, USG petition system, Hun Choi, Dong Wook (Daniel) Chung, Ji Won Shin

ShiftMap, Add, drop, swap, & sub shifts, Mun Jang, Alex Joo, Danny Kim, Jonathan Yang

Jolt, Apple Watch nap detector, Manbir Gulati, Neamah Hussein, Varun Narayan, Aneesh Rai, Sharon You

Biscuits & Gravy, Dining hall meals iOS app, Haley Chow, Antoine Crepin-Heroux, Ahmed Musse, Justin Patel, Rebecca Sichel

Progress Report, Track major and certificates, Allison Chang, Marisa Chow, Isabelle Ingato, Andrew Kim

ProvaSport, Amateur tournament manager, Lukas Brower, Kenan Farmer, Elise Georis, Nicole Marvin, Yuan Wang

Pay It Fwd, Charitable Microdonations, Yasmeen Almog, Christopher Giglio, Jonah May

PrincetEvents, Comprehensive campus events, Maia Ezratty, Mitchell Hamburger, Harry Heffernan, Divya Mehta, Alexa Wojak

Earn It!, Personal goal accountability, Robert Aguilar, Thomas Beauchemin, Miles Hinson, Jason Kim, Austin Williams

AnyCoach, Link up coaches and clients, Matt Gibbons, Catherine Morrison, Kari Zhou

Holic, Drinking and BAC tracker, Belinda Ji, Jenny Peng, Andrew Tao, Emily Zhang, Brandon Zhou

Phys Wiz, Physics problem visualizer, James Lin, Yosvani Lopez, Jeffrey Saeteurn

Areta, Tech interview tutoring, Samvit Jain, Henry Shangguan, Joshua Shin

DnD Helper, iOS D&D character sheet++, Rita Fang, Casey Kim, Rei Matsuura, Alice Xie

TigerFood, Campus dining info, rankings, Jason Jiang, Dominick Lam, Mack Lee

QuAIL, Questions You Ask In Lecture, Karen Feng, Katy Ho, Zachary Kendrick, Margaret Wang

Fristrations, Find an open study spot, Kevin Bradicich, Chris Hsu, Christina Huang, Mihika Kapoor, Stephanie Liu

TigerMart, Trade and buy from students, Marc Fishman, Inés Franch, Devansh Gupta, Pablo Gutierrez, Ryan Hammarskjold

Non-Stop Housing, Room draw options web app, Carolyn Stewart, Anton Lundin, Agustín Mora

Pitchslapp, A cappella repertoire manager, Caroline Congdon, Andrew Hunt, Zachary Stecker

SafeCity, Local crime analytics map, Eric He, Stefan Keselj, Kavin Sivakumar

Critical NewsBot, News bias browser plugin, Robert DeLuca, Ann-Elise Siden, Daphne Weinstein

eXchange, Eating club meal exchange, James Almeida, Emanuel Castaneda, Meaghan O'Neill, Sumer Parikh, Danielle Pintz

EventBin, Who's going to what on campus, Sara Malamut, Natalia Perina, Jeff Silverstein, Emily Speyer

NestEgg, Personal finance digipet, Peter Chen, Xuewei Ouyang, Aqeel Phillips, Juliana Wu

Kweri, Anonymous lecture questions, Nick Jiang, Susan Wang, Erica Wu, Jonathan Yu, Jonathan Zhang

locoMotive, PU-focused NJT visualizer, Adam Berman, Brian On, Trey Todnem

Quoted, Quote provenance plugin, Meir Hirsch, Jake Levin, Eric Mitchell, Josh Stadlan

2015 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

PolledYouSo, Casey Kolb, Jesse Goodman*, Lachie Kermode, Terrence Kuo, Web app to collect data from and display data to users (Bootstrap, iOS, AWS)

FanFare, Carole Touma, Esther Rolf*, Rachel Margulies, Samantha Weissman, Crowdfunding system for Lawnparties performers (Ruby, Rails, Heroku, Postgres, Stripe)

SnikSnak, Katherine Lee*, Maddie Clayton, Ricardo de los Reyes, Tony Jin, Victor Du, Consolidates dining hall menues and allows users to vote on menu items (Iconic, Go, Postgres, Heroku)

Where You At, Greg Leeper, Nicholas Pai, Will Bertrand*, Who's at what eating club (iOS)

WalkMe, Cissy Chen*, Eric Li, Julia Wang, Safest, shortest walking path based on historical crime data (Iconic, SQLite,)

Skedg, Crystal Qian, Jonathan Lin, Minseung Choi*, Roy Zhao, "Skedg: let us check your Skedg." (Bootstrap, AWS, MySQL)

'mici, Gabrielle Badura, Holt Dwyer, Horia Radoi*, Kevin Lin, Find people in your area with similar interests for face-to-face meetups (Django)

OBO, Ben Eisner, Catherine Wu, Christine Li, Walker Davis*, Location-based app to let communities create their own marketplaces (iOS, Go, Mongo, Digital Ocean)

Princeton Energy Heatmap, Adam Gallagher*, Annie Lu, Josh Bocarsly, Visualization of live energy usage in campus buildings (Boostrap, React, D3, MySQL, AWS)

Swap, Max Greenwald, Michael Perel*, Paul Dornier, Zach Knowles, "Get connected with a single tap" (iOS, Parse)

WebSnipe, David Zhao*, James Wang, Shu Li, Timothy Seah, Monitor website changes and perform action when condition or time is met (Chrome extension, Python, NoSQL, AWS)

PollPrinceton, Henry Lu, Tess Marchant, Ryan O'Shea*, Anonymous social polling application: create polls, see responses in real time (Bootstrap, Angular, Node, Mongo, Digital Ocean)

Reel, Todd Kranenburg, Hannah Swenson, Jacob Perricone*, Personalized daily news as an extension (Chrome extension, Node, Express, Heroku, Mongo)

SplitIt, Amanda Chen, Janie Gu*, Seyi Lawal, Intuitive and fast way of splitting and paying bills (iOS, Heroku, Venmo)

PartyUp, Blake Lawson, David Gilhooley, Graham Turk, Lance Goodridge, "Event-based app that helps people come together to have fun" (iOS)

MealMatcher, Andreas Dias, Drew Wallace, Andrew Charette, Kevin Wang*, Valerie Morin, Blind meal-matching website: sign up for random 1-on-1 meals with each other (Bootstrap, Django, Heroku, Postgres)

iHungry, Adam Weinstein, Deborah Sandoval*, McKervin Ceme, Peter Yao, Zinzi Budd, Mobile app for easier access to free food (iOS, Django, Heroku, Postgres)

eleshare, Edgar Wang*, Joanna Wang, Michael Wattendorg, Rediet Desta, Sharing relevant content between friends and furthering friendships through shared interests (Angular, Bootstrap, Node, Express, Mongo, Heroku)

Thor, Andrew Semelhago, Cristian Andronic, Eddie Lu, Mike Zhang, Andrew Ruchames, Flashcard web app to learn languages quickly (Angular, Bootstrap, Django, AWS)

CrowdSound, Dorothy Chen, Irvin Shuster, Luke Li*, Tommy Lomont, Single realtime collaborative playlist on iPhones (iOS, Django, AWS)

Blue Turtle, Caleb Negash, Dalma Földesi, Jon Meisel, Nikhila Albert*, Web environment for writing and editing (Ruby on Rails, SCSS, Coffeescript, JQuery, AWS)

choop, Davis Liu, Jeffrey Han*, Karen Ouyang, Tony Lu, Tim Lau, Personal delivery service to connect requesters and runners (Apache Cordova, Android, IOS, MySQL, Node?)

What Should Our Name Be, Brendan Chou, Michael Hauss, Michael Manhard*, Paimon Pakzad, Location-based anonymous quick survey (iOS, Flask, Heroku, Postgres)

Dawn, Ben Leizman, Colter Smith, Jack O'Brien, Troy Murtha*, Personalized alarm system with information to start the day (iOS)

SIFT (Student Interactive Finding Tool), Betty Huang, Emory Ruscus, Max Bressler*, Zach Weed, Make room draw group formation easier (Django, Bootstrap, Heroku)

Princeton CurveIt, Advait Chauhan, Garrett Gosse, Sylvia Okafor, Suraj Bhat, Tyler Hoffman*, Crowd-sourced grade-distribution service (Boostrap, Angular, Django, Postgres, HighCharts, Heroku)

Princeton Charter Club Site, Jeremy Whitton, Quan Zhou, Rory Fitzpatrick*, "Fully functional, modern and sustainable website for Charter Club" (Boostrap, Django, Heroku)

Fuze, Allan Marube, Andrew Sambu, Cornellius Metto, Kwaku Ohemeng*, Michael Yitayew, User and event-centric shared playlist creator (SoundCloud, Node, Express, Postgres)

Passes for Passes, Angelica Chen, Artur Filipowicz, Daniel Yang, Frank Jiang*, Vibhaa Sivaraman, Mobile and web apps to facilitate exchange of club passes (AWS, MySQL)

ReFresh, Malena de la Fuente, Paul Cheng, Yolanda Yeh*, Help people stay connected through phone calls (iOS, Node, Express, Heroku, Postgres)

BaseNote, Allie Burton*, Chris Hay, Viveka Mastrandrea, Associate your music with geographic regions (Android, Parse, Spotify)

MealXchange, Asavari Sinha, Ava Chen, Paco Avila, Louis Guerra, Michael Buono*, Website for Club meal exchanges (Django, AWS, MySQL)

Lexica Reader, Diana Liao, Jerry Liu, Jonathan Tang*, Personalized English writing analyzer to help improve writing skills. (Bootstrap, Node, Heroku, Mongo)

Errand Runner, Alex Garzón*, Eddie Chen, Zhengyang Cong, Connect people who need something done with people who will do it, on campus (Bootstrap, Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Heroku)

Nom, Annie Chu, Clement Lee, Evelyn Ding, Nathaniel Lam, Sean Pan, Help people decide what restaurant to eat at based on personal preferences (iOS)

Project RTS Game, Bo Moon, Evan Sparano*, Ignacio Moreno, Sam Cheng, Simplified, intuitive cross-platform multiplayer mobile RTS (ActionScript, Adobe Air, PHP, MySQL)

Flare, Allan Jabri, Chris McCord*, Kyle Douglas, Lucas Howard, Patrick Yu, Share your location with friends for a short period of time (Android, Firebase)

Let's Do It, Eric Schneider, Jie Liang Lee, Siddhartha Jayanti*, Tiancheng Zheng, Notify close friends when you are or will shortly be free (Bootstrap, Django, PhoneGap, MySQL)

MyWatchdog, Annie Maslan*, Alison Bick, Katelyn Lesse, Monitor an area and report when expected motion doesn't occur (Bootstrap, Django, AWS, MySQL, Camio)

TigerMap, Edward De Puy, Grant Storey*, Harsan Sidhu, James LoPresti, Odunayo Kusoro, Peter deGroot, "The Princeton map app that students deserve" (Android, PHP, MySQL)

Cooking Academy, Christian Wawrzonek, Danny Shum, Josh Zimmer*, Michael Kosk, Peter Johnson, Make recipes aimed at specific cooking skills and ethnic foods (responsive web app)

BAE (Boundless Athletics Engine), Serena Zheng*, Alisa Kroutikova, Brent Read, Help students discover and take advantage of fitness/athletics activities on campus (Django, Bootstrap, Scrapy)

AllTogether, Cara de Freitas Bart*, Jack Hudson, Jason Cai, Mathilda Lloyd, Allows group members to stay together using GPS (iOS)

Rate My Advisor, Cindy Duan, Fabrizio Giovanni Filho*, Felicia Ng, Sidharth Dhawan, Help students find suitable advisers from peer reviews and ratings (Ruby, Rails, AWS)

WhoIsWhere, Ben Wolfson, Josh Roberts, Michael Rochlin*, Warren Bein, Social media site to tell where people are or are going to be (Django, Heroku, Postgres)

2014 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

GrabIt,   Jaime Benabib, David McKenna, Bar Shabtai, iOS app for offering short-lived retail deals, (Heroku, Postgres)

TigerGrowl,   Kevin Bruccoleri, Chong Gu, Akash Jain, Gil Walzer, Meal planning system for groups of friends, (Flask, AWS)

Tiger Bites,   Diogo Adrados, Lisa Kim, David Paulk, Phone notifications of favorite foods in dining halls, (Django, MySQL, AWS)

LoL Rewind,   Andrew Ferg, Salvador Martinez, Michael Thomas, detailed info from League of Legends professional games, (Django, App Engine)

C. Rex,   Violeta Ilieva, Rishi Kaneriya, Viviana Mardones, personalized course recommendations for Princeton students, (Django, App Engine)

The Marketplace,   Carolyn Chen, Ghassen Jerfel, Bumsoo Kim, Matthew Matl, Parth Mehta, on-campus buying, selling and trading goods and services, (Django, App Engine)

UpDog,   Franklyn Darnis, Jacob Lee, Alex Pouschine, Sonia Skoularikis, optimize free time by easy coordination with friends, (Django, Heroku)

Connect Princeton,   Sailesh Dhungana, Constantine Nakos, Aaron Ladd, specialized scheduling app for pairs of users and small groups, (Django, AWS)

Hungry Tigers,   Osman Khwaja, Akshay Kumar, Vivian Qu, Roy Xiao, iOS app for "Revolutionizing the way students eat at Princeton ... when it's free", (Heroku)

Princeton Planner,   Hannah Ho, Stephanie Marani, Jamie Smith, easy access to course requirements for planning, (Django, Postgres, Heroku)

Project Deer,   Erick Chen, Patrick Ding, Brandon Lam, Oscar Li, campus map with free food highlighted, (Node, AWS)

Palimpsest,   Gabe Banevicius, Anjalie Field, Nikitas Tampakis, interactive web interface for classical texts, (Django, Heroku)

Chute,   Kenny Lin, Saahil Madge, Andrew Zhou, web site for easily sharing files, (Django, App Engine)

codePost,   Vinay Ayyala, James Evans, Richard Freling, Alexandra Kubiak, Gabriela Leichnitz, web-based system for grading and annotating programming assignments, (Flask, Heroku, Postgres)

RoomMeet,   Brian Chen, Dorothy Chen, Michael Danielczuk, Leonidas Tolias, Campbell Weaver, Networking platform for PU students look for summer housing, (Django, Postgres, Heroku)

Deque,   Sravanthi Kadali, Malcolm Reid, Linda Wang, Xixia Wang, iOS app for playing card games on phones, (App Engine)

ASKDj,   Rahji Abdurehman, Anqi Dong, Tom Kelly, Ben Stallworth, iOS DJ app, (Node, Postgres, AWS)

Mezzo,   Delaney Granizo-Mackenzie, Michael Mulshine, Anna Ren, Steven Tran, next-generation ear training tool, (Django)

tex Textbook Exchange,   Ameera Abdelaziz, Jeffrey Asala, Nicole Loncke, Laura Xu, A new version of PTX, (Django)

PassesforLateMeal,   Nihar Madhavan, Utsarga Sikder, Jun Takahashi, exchange eating club passes and Frist late meals, (App Engine)

Tigerbook,   Ivo Crnkovic-Rubsamen, Hansen Qian, Rohan Sharma, A better way to find your classmates, (Django, Mongo, Heroku)

PTX2,   Michael Li, Mark Tengi, Barbara Zhan, Alan Zhou, improved version of PTX, (Django, App Engine)

Find a Table,   David Kong, Lisa Lee, Ante Qu, Ming-Yee Tsang, Android app to find open tables at local restaurants, (Django)

MaJoRs Untangled,   Rishika Dewan, Julia Johnstone, Maddy Lea, One-stop detailed overview of majors and certificates, (Django, App Engine)

Virtual Boathouse,   Matthew Drabick, Sam Jordan, Brian Rosenfeld, Edward Walker, Managment of information about rowing, (Ruby on Rails, Heroku)

Histograph,   Ankush Gola, Aaron Himelman, Sam Payne, Riley Thomasson, Akshaya Uttamadoss, graphical analysis of a user's browsing history and of friends, (Django, Postgres, own server)

PTour,   David Durst, Elaine Liew, Shwetha Raghuraman, Thomas Truongchau, Virtual tour of Prineton campus, (Meteor.js, Mongo, AWS)

myPrintston,   Doug Ashley, Michael Kim, Brian Wong, iPhone app for finding the nearest working printer,

Marty,   Brian Bell, Lucas Broido, David Dworsky, Nicolas Schmidt, iPhone app to capture and share group experiences, (AWS)

Tabeno,   Daway Chou-Ren, Chris Crawford, Cara Haas, Charles Jacobson, Erin O'Hern, iOS desktop app for smart note-taking and study, (XCode)

Shout!,   Andrew Grasso, Julian Griggs, Cole McCracken, Cameron Porter, iPhone app for social interactions betweeen nearby strangers, (Django, Mongo)

'Chive,   Erik Portillo, Collin Stedman, Jennifer Werner, Jeffrey Yan, Glenna Yu, personal records of videos, pictures, news, and share with friends, (Node, Express, Cassandra, own server)

TranScribe,   Albert Lee, Chia-Lo Lee, Steven Lyubomirsky, Android app and web system for organizing print sources digitally, (Flask, Heroku)

FindA,   Curtis Belmonte, Kyle Dhillon, Emily Hsu, Lucas Mayer, iPhone app for finding points of interest around campus, (Python, App Engine)

Enchord,   Jessie Chen, Heemin Seog, Eugene Tang, Andrew Tran, Matthew Wang, website for musicians to create, share, find and update chord sheets, (Node, Express, Heroku, Angular)

Thriftster,   Haley Beck, Irvin Zhan, notification of price changes on retail websites, (Ruby on Rails, Heroku)

PickMeUp,   Valya Barboy, Daniel Penner, Cal Peyser, Jonathan Schwartz, Evan Strasnick, finding drivers and passengers for ride-sharing, (Django, AWS)

GeoTasker,   Christine Chien, Dean Makino, Shreya Nathan, Mitchell Vollger, iPhone app to geographically optimize its users' task lists and provide alerts,

PURF: Princeton undergrad research finder,   Jean Choi, Stephen Cognetta, Pallavi Koppol, Eugene Lee, Qinlan Shen, connect students and faculty for research opportunities, (Django, Postgres, Heroku)

ReCal,   Travis Perlee, Naphat Sanguansin, Dyland Xue, Maxim Zaslavsky, new version of ICE to track classes, assignments, etc., (Django, Heroku)

Qurious,   Aditya Agarwalla, Abhinav Khanna, Jonathan Kwok, Helen Yu, iOS Peer to peer voice / video system for consulting experts, (Django, AWS)

CellMate,   Jack Greisman, David Hammer, Gabe Reder, Hana Snow, iOS app for counting colonies on agar plates, (Flask)

2013 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

MobSourcing: Your Smartphone Survey Platform, Tierney Kuhn, Theresa Meyer, Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar

SpareTime: Easy connection with friends, Stefani Karp, Mark Benjamin, Sammy Jerome, Satyajeet Pal

Princeton Lost and Found, Deric Cheng, Matt Goldsmith, Sam Lichtenberg, Reed Tantiviramanond

BuckIt: collaborative and cooperative task list, Molly Nacey, Danny Guo, Zack Garcia

Lighthouse: sharing info on movies, books, etc., Jimmy Zuber, Aaron Doll, Shaheed Chagani

Project SnoCone: personalized news feed for you and friends, Andrew Cheong, Stephanie He, Charlie Marsh, Shubhro Saha

Transparent: An Open Price Tracking Platform, Alex Beebe, Abdulrahman Mahmoud, Ajay Roopakalu, Abu Saparov, Rafi Shamim

Modulr: cleaning up web pages for easy reading, Benjamin Chen, Michael Lee, Antonio Juliano

Flashy: make flashcards from photos, Nick Beaulieu, Joe Turchiano, Adam Yabroudi

Princeton Eats: what's to eat on campus, Sam Gavis-Hughson, David Lackey, George Okeowo, Will Gwozdz

myClicker: give and get in-class feedback, Rachael Batchelder, Margaret Tam, Max Rubin, Timothy Trieu, Yingxue Li

Listserv Interface Simplifying Application (LISA), Channing Huang, Nicholas Robinson, Bryan Jacobowitz

The Milkman: aggregate purchases for free shipping, Pranav Gokhale, Ginny Willis, Capella Yee

Tiger Diner: meals with friends, Catherine Wu, Keji Xu, Vaidhy Murti, Matthew Colen

Splash: passing info easily to nearby users, Adam Suczewski, Derrick Dominic, Darshan Desai

OC Event Calendar: aggregate what's happening, and add your own events, Gabriel Ambruso, Junjun Chen, Sebastian Gold, Michael Zhang, Alexander Zhao

Princeton Course Evaluation Engine, Yacob Yonas, Matt Haake, John Welchel

TeXscribe: convert handwritten math into TeX on the fly, Gina Triolo, Aman Sinha, Alex Baker

Tabletop Online: online custom-gaming platform, Alec Buckenheimer, Steve Swanson

Groupsify GPS: spontaneous group formation and coordination using GPS, Ruey Hu, Angela Dai, Jackson Popkin, Cissy Zhou

SubHub: schedule management for substitutes, Farhan Abrol, Kuni Nagakura, Yaared Al-Mehairi, Mihai Roman

Shift Mapper: Manage shift jobs, Samuel Gichohi, Wesley Verne, Patrick Renschler

TigerNotes: Share course notes, Green Choi, Dylan Bowman, Jon Richards

RollCall: attendance checking, Jae Lee, Gabriel Chen, George Kerchev, Greg Kufera

Project Nightcrawler: easy access to transport schedules, Daniel Chyan, Katherine Li, Katherine Pogrebniak, Alice Zhang

Course Aggregator Tool: up to date info on courses, evaluations, etc., Noah Apthorpe, Garrett Disco, Luke Paulsen, Jocelyn Tang, Natalie Weires

2012 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

Retirement Health Advisers, Online recommendation engine for long-term health care policies, Eeh Pyoung Rhee, Krithin Sitaram, Peter Yu, Amy Zhou

OurTime, web-based calendar and scheduler for social groups, Alice Fuller, JT Glaze, Luke Massa, Adam Stasiw, Clayton Whetung

Buy Back Your Vote , web and phone app for finding corporate political contributions, Tim Bauman, Matt Dolan, Margaret Fortney, Chris Kelly, Nathan Keyes

PrinceTron , Tron LightCycles game for Android phone , Mike Franklin, Andy Kaier, Peter Maag, Kashif Smith

Princeton Arcade, Android platform for multi-player games, Phil Cao, Mark Ha, Avneesh Sarwate, Yangbo Xu

Spotify DJ, automatic mixing of Spotify playlists, Teodor Georgiev, Jose Mena, Rodrigo Menezes, Kelly Weeks

TimeInLine, web system for providing info to customers on hold, Zach Bintliff, Ed Kelley, Craig Liebmann, John Urbanik

Terrace Social Network, focused social network site for a single club, Jeff Snyder, Tarik Tosun, Peter Zakin

Princeton Campus Heat Map, iPhone app for displaying aggregate locations of students , Leonardo Stedile, Spencer Tank, Tiantian Zha

InstaMeet, iPhone app for small-group invitations, Pietro Rea Maravi, Alice Zheng

POM: Pursuit of Mappyness, interactive campus maps with events, faciliites, and other data feeds, Nader Al-Naji, Josh Chen, Lawrence Diao, Ben Grange, John McSpedon

BeneTag, QR tags for socially conscious consumers, Zeerak Ahmed, Mandy Coston, Richard She, Shreshth Singhal, Faaez Ul Haq

Shift Coordinator, web app for coordinating schedules and preferences of shift workers, Vincent Castaneda, Phil Miller, Alan Thorne

Sail Scorer, web-based yacht race scoring system, Catie Bartlett, Gene Merewether, Andrew Werner

MeetUp, event scheduler with optimization, Ashish Gupta, Greg Hyde, William Song

PAL: Princeton Academic Linker, uniform access to Blackboard and other academic web sites, Masha Okounkova, Prerna Ramachandra, Wenley Tong

Discourse, Wiki + collaborative editing for finding out campus info, Austin Lopez, Allen Paltrow-Krulwich, Eric Weiser

TigerChat, web-based chat app focused on Princeton, Santhosh Balasubramanian, Rohan Bansal, Vyas Ramasubramani

COS 226 Enhanced Electronic Submission, enhanced electronic submission mechanism for COS 226 exercises, Colleen Carroll, Andrew Morrison, Richard Price, Peter Thorpe, Kyle Wass

DemonWriter, iPad application for rapid creation of draft written material, Mario Alvarez, Bonnie Eisenman, Evan Leichter, Phil Rosen

Rendezvous -- A Platform for Location Awareness, iOS platform for location awareness, Dan Kang, Harvest Zhang, Raymond Zhong

MeetPlanner, web system for planning swim meets and similar athletic events, Andrew Callahan, Peter Grabowski, Michael Newman, Stevie Vines

Princeton Ask , ask and answer Princeton questions , Drew Boik, Brian Huang, Mars Jullian, Gal Oshri, Kai Sheng Tai

Route Ranker, path tracking application for iPhone, Samantha Anderson, Eric Denovitzer, Nick Gilligan, Jon Lack, Mark Whelan

iStreet for iOS, iPhone app for promoting Street events, connecting with friends, etc., Alexa Krakaris, Akarshan Kumar, Rishi Narang

SAGE: The Smarter Academic Graph Explorer , Smarter academic graph explorer for navigating academic papers, Lehman Garrison, Brenda Hiller, Connie Wan, Edward Zhang

Settle, Web-based version of Settlers of Catan, Dave Capra, Rafi Romero, Chris Triolo

Princeton Electronic Borrowing and Lending System (PEBLS), lending and borrowing system for games, books, etc., James Luo, Alexander Rilee, Eric Sum, Vinson Young

InConTroll, Android app for self-control of procrastination, Ilina Mitra, Dexter Scobee, Angela Wei, Andy Zhu

The New Student Room Guide , new and improved version of the existing Room Guide, Willa Chen, Josh Giles, Lily Healey, Kevin Mantel, John O'Neill

Project ABRAM, integration of various Princeton online communities, Alex Fish, Michael Lai, Brian Matejek, Rob Sami, Anand Shah

2011 Spring: (Robert Dondero)

Eating Club Meal Exchange Interface: A web-based application to facilitate meal exchanges between eating clubs, Betina Evancha, Michael Gordon, Aaron Trippe, Sarah Wellons (Python, Django, MySQL)

Singaporean Bridge: A trick-winning card game for touch-screen Android phones, Ilias Giechaskiel, Bryan Richter, Jinhua (Shawn) Xu (Java, Android SDK, MySQL)

PUrr (Princeton University Room Registration): A web-based application for student groups and university officials to reserve rooms in Wilson College, Gabe Cadamuro, Siddharth Dhulipalla, Robert McGibbon, Isaac Julien (Python, Django, MySQL, Google App Engine)

Play-in-Person: A web-based application where people can meet and interact through video chat games, Chris Koscielny, Chris Tralie, Minqi Jiang, Zane Ma (Adobe Flex, Flash Player, Amazon EC2, MySQL)

SSH Startups: A web-based application to connect computer science and engineering students at top universities with technical internships, Ryan Shea, Alex Daifotis, Ricky Arietta, David Bieber (Python, Django, MySQL)

The Commons: A multiplayer web-based game with a focus on sustainability and the environment, Anna Tchetchetkine, Daniel Muir, Kenneth Jenkins, Kenrick Rilee, Samantha Ritter (HTML 5, Python, MySQL)

PEOPLES (PEOPLES Enables the Observation of Populations Living in Everyday Society): An Android and web application for social science research featuring GPS tracking, phone call information gathering, and survey administration, Sema Berkiten, Vladimir Costescu, Henry Liu, Austin Walker, Tony Xaio, Diego Vargas (Java, Android SDK, PHP, CakePHP, MySQL)

BigFoot: An iPhone and web application that shows the movement of Princeton students over time, both on a personal and aggregate level, Armando Asuncion-Cruz, Candy Button, Eugenia Dellapenna, Eric Kuto, George Xing (PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, Objective-C, iPhone MapKit framework)

TigerAlbum: A social photo-sharing web-based application, integrated into a zoomable campus map, for the Princeton University community, Jasika Bawa, Hao Lian, Nathan Swaney, James Yang, Hamza Aftab (Python, Django, MySQL, Amazon EC2)

TigerROar (Room Organization and Reservation): A web-based room scheduling application that makes the dance studios on campus available for scheduling through an interactive interface, Michael Bailey, Leon Ho, Ryan Serrano, Mike Fortner (Python, Django, Javascript, Google App Engine)

Manos: An application that uses the XBOX 360 Kinect technology to allow users to develop customized interfaces for personal computers based on physical gestures, Nick De Veaux, Dave Mauskop, Andrew Izzo, Daniel Ryan (XBOX Kinect, Python, Tkinter, C++, Qt)

OneTree: A web-based application that takes advantage of the natural sub-communities that form around similar groups to provide a fast and simple way by which students can access information about groups on campus, Seung Nam, Jorge Lugo, Ming Loong Chng, Brian Tubergen, Tyler Brown (Python, Django, MySQL, Javascript/jQuery)

2010 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

ETDA -- Enhanced Terminal Desktop Application, Erin Rosenbaum, Michael Adelson, Erik Savage, Valentina Shin

A new approach to map-based search, Gerald van den Berg, James Hodson, Will Manning, Griffin Telljohann

Integrated visualization of chat conversation data, Usenet, group sites, and forums, Patrick Tierney

Princeton Events Calendar, Michael Yaroshevsky, Ethan Goldstein, Samantha Hantman, Dana Hoffman, Adriana Susnea

Grappler, Jeffrey Hodes, Alex Ogier, Mike Sobin

Web-based QA replacement for the Listserv, Eric Berglund, Max Rosmarin, James Sundstrom

A contactless pay system for mobile phones, Riley Siebel, Chris Gibbs, Mitch Morgan, Johnnie Rose

Student Course Scheduler, Zhong Zhang, Cagri Onuk, Awais Tariq, Brian Edwards, Peter Comerford, Josh Israel, Ian McLaughlin

gPic: Integrated pictures and maps on Android, Nitin Viswanathan, Frank Xiao, Rick Yin, Norman Yu

Zabe: Social and Cultural Life Planner, Brandon Podmayersky, Eddy Ferreira, Andrej Risteski, Zhaoyang Xu

College Ranking Application and Ranking Framework, Darren Sri-Jayantha, Edward Weng, Sam Wiseman

Elijah: Meal exchanges for the eating clubs, Erik Anson, Mark Gray, Karin Tsai

AAA -- Automated Academic Advisor, Joshua Newman, Jane E, Evan Jeng, Calvin Lee, Evans Xiang

MyMap: Point et al on an iPhone, Matthew Salesi, Michele Capece, Yu-Han Hsu

SchedYou: online scheduling/appointment system, David Benjamin, Kevin Jeng, Colin Ponce

Interactive forum and social networking, Waqas Jafri, Uzair Aftab, Mark Xia

mAndroid interface to Firestone's Voyager Locator, Vichi Jagannathan, Chris Rucinski, Alan Yang

2-Dickinson St. food management, Vikram Rao, Mendy Fisch, Will Fisher

The Third Hand, Rebecca Yu, Lucy Lin, Krishnan Mody

StarCraft II Replay Database, Yang Mou, Danny Ackroyd-Isales, Andrew Weintraub, Joe Wilder

Princeton Textbook Database, Kynan Rilee, Simon Krauss, Robert Timpe

PIGS -- Princeton Integrated Group Scheduler, Jarett Schwartz, Huanqi Deng, Emily Lancaster, Michael Ty

Graphical Dorm Room Planner, Robert Coe, Matt Jacobson, Zach Wyzgoski

2009 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

Pairgramming, a web-based interface for fully collaborative programming, Ellen Kim, Christina Ilvento, Garrett Marcotte.

Tiger Mobile: Extending OIT web services to mobile platforms, Nicholas Persaud, Minh Do, Woongcheol Yang, Jennifer Yu, Newton Allen.

iPhone WiFi Chat System, Gregory Finkelstein, Anthony Deluise, Sam Freeman.

iPhone Math SAT Prep, Kenton Murray, Jonathan Fulton, Daniel Hayes-Patterson.

absORB: abstract object relationship browser for JSTOR search, Laura Bai, Ryan Bayer, Natasha Indik, Tsheko Mutungu.

Nexus: web interface for JSTOR search, Muhammad Amjad, Jonathan Newman, Tushar Gupta, Tarun Pondicherry, Will Nguyen.

Firefox add-on for sharing bookmarks, Julia Bluher, Lillian Zhou, Dmitri Garbuzov.

PlanesWalker for the XBox 360 -- action role-playing game, Mark Cerqueira, Vyenna Song, TJ Fazio.

WYDIWYG: What you draw is what you get -- Android gesture recognition, Cody Wang, Sam Perez, Henry Senger, Carl Thunman.

AutoCal: schedule automated execution of tasks on Android, Mark Grobaker, Chris Thompson, David Yang, JP Paranada.

TigerFinder: online location-based networking site for Princeton students, Michael Bachand, Brian LeVee, Jeremy Kent, Steve Ross.

Theater Facebook: networking for theater community, Josh Budofsky, Ian Ferguson, Paul Jacobs, Hannah Barudin.

ProMEM -- Prospect Meal Exchange Manager, Maddie Lu, Dan Strife, Evan Kelly, Dave Krueger.

PandaShare: Lending-borrowing meetup for Princeton campus, Michael Wu, Sauhard Sahi, Aditya Panda, Jen Chen.

SYNC calendar organizer, Jeff Carbonella, Ale Ciniglio, Jeff Thompson, Eric Schlossberg. Taking and managing class notes, Jen King, Brett Lullo, Peter Schulam.

PTX Princeton Textbook Exchange, Jonny Weiss, Damien Zhang, Eric Domb, Katie Klosterman.

2008 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

Graphle: Cecile Huttentower, Philip Stern, Adam Sanders, Anson Hook. A tool for browsing large, dense graphs, particularly for biologists.

Course Selection: Eric Cohen, Val Karpov, AJ Segdewick. A web application that allows undergrads to easily organize course selections for upcoming semesters.

A Cappella Audition-Scheduling System: Kyle Leiby, Will Schwarzenbach, Sean Stern, Ciccy Yang. Web-based tool for scheduling and managing a cappella auditions.

Night of the Nine Ninja: Tom Lieber, Jeff Harris, Alina Ene, Dexter Doyle, Brian Biskeborn. Multiplayer game framework for helping social scientists carry out experiments.

Legions of Lore: Peter Whalen, Eric Whitman, Clara O'Farrell, Tom Ledbetter. Online turn-based strategy game.

Online Flash Cards: Daniel Roberts, Ota Amaize, Michale Hasling, Alberto Jurado. Computer assisted learning tool for subjects like languages, chemistry, etc.

Snakes on a CMS: David Zaslavsky, Andrew Schran, Jenny Drexler, Joel Thompson. A collaborative content management system for producing a magazine or newspaper.

"Cloud" Mobile Contact Storage System: Chris Merrick, Jingyuan Wu, Umar Javed, Srdjan Krstic. Providing "cloud" storage of cell phone contacts and easy access to these contact through a variety of media.

Integrated Course [Selection] Engine (ICE): Daniel Huang, Gyeong-Sik Choi, Yoonju Kim, Becker Polverini, Alan Chin. Integrate course selection resources from registrar and SCORE.

Knights vs. Dragons: Bettina Burgett, Stephanie Chen, Todd Dale, Kaitlin Renaud. Web-based version of Knights versus Dragons.

iPhone Transit Maps: Paul Cavallaro, Adam Ernst, Mark Limperis, Dzhelil Rufat. Viewing transit maps on a mobile device, with routing and schedule information; see

Mobile Surveys : Carter Cleveland, Andrew Ferguson, Alex Limpaecher. Cellphone based survey system.

Brown Food Cooperative Schedule Optimizer: Gordon Scharf, Gus Tate, Brian Geistwhite, Hal Laidlaw. Automate processes for scheduling cooks, guests, etc., for the Brown Coop.

Princeton Model United Nations Website: Lalithra Fernando, Kathleen Li, Jacob Lewellen, Sajid Mehmood. Automate pre-conference coordination and management for the Princeton Model United Nations Conference.

P-maps: Abhishek Agrawal, Hao Liu, Perry Morgan, Matt Sanders. Centralized website to integrate different services on a common Princeton map.

2007 Spring: Brian Kernighan

RADEx: Research Advisor and Department Explorer: Jean Hsu, Aaron Schneider, Rachel Sealfon. Information about independent work, senior theses, advisors, departmental requirements, and the like. Chris Chan, Mike Dirolf, Jason Yang. A site to connect charities with people who would like to donate to them.

Princeton Intramural Sports Website: Cody May, Jonathan Sweemer, James An, Michael Ye. Mechanizing registration, scheduling and management of intramural sports.

Chuckles Virtual Jam Session: Mason Simon, Andrew Saxe, Paul Kompfner, Josh Herbach. Internet jam sessions using Chuck.

Tourspot -- Virtual Tour for Prospective Students: Penny Enomoto, Don Kim, Doug Hohensee. Orange Key tours with Quicktime VR visuals.

OA TripCenter: Andy Brett, Nic Byrd, Sam Grossberg, Hal Pratt. Access to trips, training, and other Outdoor Action activities.

GOSH Online Shell: Guy David, Dan Gopstein, Mike Liao, Alex Sieke

IMagine: Instant Messaging Anywhere: Dave Ford, Jeff Bagdis, Alan Barnes, Jayson Paulose. Save IM sessions, simulate being there all the time, reconnect from somewhere else, all via a web page.

Stoog: Student Organized Online Grading: Evan Green, Yun-En Liu, Lucy He, Nick Leonhardt, Teddy Forsyth. Submit grades to see how you're doing in a class.

ShiftManager: Shift Scheduling and Management: Mark Spear, Zennen Clifton, David Costanzo. Mechanizing tasks for PU Dining Services.

PROBE: Princeton Online Betting Engine: Peter Curtin, Lenny Shulgin, Pierre Genest, Scott Peper. Betting on Princeton and other events, with fantasy money.

POLE: Princeton Online Laundry Engine: Joe Kovba, RJ Liljestrom, Sam Albert. Realtime access to information about what laundry machines are in what state.

Bookworm: Wei Ho, Chris Uga, Yue Yang, Anton Malyshev, Daniel Douglas. Faster, easier interactive access to the library catalog.

2006 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

Princeton Entertainment Hub, William Mansky, Hart Montgomery, Dan Pall, Jon Ullman. Database of interesting events and a way to sign up for ones of interest.

Plan-o-matic Long-term Scheduler, Eirik Bakke, Arthi Ramachandran, Alison Reynolds, David Weiss. Multi-year planning of course of study, with information on prereqs, schedules, etc.

Princeton Events Database, Ed Davisson, Julia Manasson, Daniel Barrett. Managing the records of previous campus arts activities.

Portable Desktop, Zach DeVito, Stuart Lange, Jim Dickinson. Drag and drop gadgets and widgets to a web page for access from anywhere., Kamil Choudhury, Alex Combs, Chris Wynnyk. What's playing online and how your preferences compare.

Princeton Maps Project, Ben Amster, Wale Oladehin, Lee Tien. Interactive information about campus buildings and people.

Princeton Ride-sharing, Tom Brennan, Michael Onorato, Parker Seidel. Google maps interface for sharing trips to and from PU., Dan Benediktson, Caleb Howe, Mike Lee. Shortest paths from here to there on campus while avoiding short term obstacles and construction sites.

2005 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

"XDB", Arel Lidow, Emily Moxley, Sasha Ovestky, Chris Richbourg. An application that can access a dynamically changing database from Excel and publish it to the web.

"ELTRIC", Eric Knauft, Elika Etemad, Troy Savage. A content management system permitting multiple people to maintain a website, documentation, etc.

"Princeton Shopping Network", Kim Tzeng, Alvin Wang, Josh Probst, Josh Quinones. A shopping portal for the Princeton community.

"Integrated Course Engine", John Pym, Shirley Wuu, Sergio Garza, Paulo Quiros. SCORE, the student course guide, and the registrar in a single site.

"Room Draw Guide", Lester Mackey, Kay Ashaolu, Blake Dixon, Avi Flamholz. A web interface to all information on campus dorm rooms. Now gone public at

"AIMailBox", Matt Plough, Cameron Brien, Jeff Pinner, Sratha Saengsuwarn, Patrick Ledbetter. Monitoring and forwarding of IM traffic when you're not online.

"MIMA Musician's Network", Michael Wenzel, Nate Starrett, Monte McNair, Greg Fields. Web interface for local improvisational musicians.

"What's My Image?", Robert Moore, Kevin Shi, Frank Macreery, Sameer Shariff. How others see you, based on your picture.

2004 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

"WeShare", David Silver, Brett Antonides, Brian Tsang, Steven Saar, Amit Chatwani. Web service for sharing DVDs and VHS tapes.

"ADMADM", Brendan Miller, Geoff Patterson, Mark Daly. Management and searching of array data for genomics experiments.

"Pguide", Archer Batcheller, Marina Elson, Emily Huang, Josh Lee. Guide to upcoming events on campus, and personal notification system.

"Etude", Erik Lillethun, Frank Battaglia, Joseph Bradley, Joe Fruchter. A system for searching for and identifying music by Parson's codes.

"ULink", Michael Li, Reona Kumagai, Ben DeLoache, Cindy Lee. A local and independently invented version of Friendster and/or theFacebook.

"Poker", Ross Bogenschneider, Kent Cheng, Kenrick Kin. An online poker game system: chat for poker.

"Princeton Portal", Jamie Niemasik, Dave Kaplan, Darsh Ranjan. A portal system for undergrads; this is now available as

"PowerPLANT", Rob Hazan, Jon Drummond, Michael Ten-Pow, Brad Zankel. System for creating Java applications as plugins.

"FAdMan", Rob Simmons, Peter Landwehr, Spencer Salazar. Management of advertising for the Prince.

"Ranganatron", Seamus Abshere, Michael Coenen, George Costow. Multi-faceted system for managing photographs, and other data bases.

"Robowars", Greg Prisament, Ben Elias, Jon Epstein, Sebastian Borza. System/framework for building robot games.

"INA Visualizer", Will Butler, Joel Diamond, Conall O'Callaghan. Visualization of international trade flow data.

"PIMP", Mike Weishuhn, Muoyo Okome, Drew Weyerhauser, Marty Taylor. DVD and VHS rental and commentary system.

2003 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

"My Princeton", Amin, Atahuene. Web service to provide easy and adaptable interface to activities and information at Princeton -- news sources, campus events, etc.

"BookSearch", Liu, Orrechia, Oh. Finding best prices on books, by scraping Amazon et al and from some used-book outlets.

"Recipe Buddy", Bavor, Jennings, Levinson. Mac-based system for managing recipes, including local and Internet.

"Binary Independence", Gill, Labatt, Parker. A system for uploading photographs for potential sale; thumbnails, searching, and a watermarking scheme to protect larger images.

"Survey Creator", Hebden, Foulagdar-Mercer, Simbi. Web-based survey creation program: enter questions, formats, etc., and it generates a survey to be taken on the web.

"Gift-o-Matic", Nathan, Arellano, Slass. System for creating wish-lists on the web for others to commit to making gifts, loosely like bridal registry services.

"Option Manager", Belli, Wang, Durrleman. Option pricing, based on online historical data from the web.

"Y'All Messenger", Azad, Weiss, Dolgov. A cross between chat and instant email, for keeping track of who plans to do what in the amazingly active undergrad social life.

"Campus Newspaper Delivery Agency", Schreer, Stroustrup, Wible, Yehuda. Web-based system for managing the student-run campus newspaper delivery service: subscriptions, billing, delivery schedules and personnel, etc.

"PUGWeb", Georges, Teising, Beyer, Carnevale. Interface for pluggable games, primarily two-person strategy like Kalah.

"Meal Checker", Parparita, Seng, Subramanian. Web-based system for reconciling guest meal charges at the clubs, replacing an unbelievably Byzantine manual system.

"Ebay Estimated", Wei, Tonkyn, Melahn, Prevost. Estimating ranges of prices for categories by scraping Ebay historical listings.

"Map Maker", Peterson, Reyzin, Brooks, Friedman. Interactive creation and manipulation of structured graphical data.

"AudioCAT", Melo, Ventimiglia. Web-based search interface to the library's music catalog.

2002 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

Estimating prices of derivatives for weather-based securities

"Smarter Tiger", a Princeton-based takeoff on "smarter child": a chat system for finding info about Princeton events, weather, etc., etc.

Purchase order system for managing flow of information through the University's labrynth of purchasing systems.

Two (count 'em) web-based calendar systems.

Creating instructional material like tests, complete with randomized questions, and keeping records; intended for school teachers.

Online course scheduler.

Interface to mantle convection programs from GEO.

XML editor, for creating and managing XML documents and schema.

2001 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

Mail list archiver

Web-based note-takes and manager

GDB interface

Campus video web service

Web-based personal finance managment

Web-based flashcard system


2000 Spring: (Brian Kernighan)

The project was to build an integrated development environment for the language of one's choice. A big class, with 24 groups, and everything from C and C++ to robot software and Palm Pilots.

This page was composed by Professor Brian Kernighan