COS 563 Wireless Networks (Spring 2021)


COS-563 is a graduate-level class that explores recent developments in wireless networks and sensing systems. Topics include an overview of general wireless network architecture, including the abstraction of underlying and overlying hardware and layers in the networking stack, integration with overlying applications, and concurrency, performance, and resource allocation in wireless networks. Further topics include millimeter-wave communication, multi-hop networks, underwater and water-air communications, low power backscatter and long range networks, Wi-Fi based localization, and wireless radar and sensing.

The course will include two precept based discussion meetings per week, in which students will read and discuss papers on the foregoing topics, and a semester-long project.

Class Participation

Papers will be discussed in a very involved manner. All students are expected to have thoroughly read and considered each assigned paper, and to be prepared to pose and answer questions about each reading.

Preparing for class. Please prepare at least five comments or questions for each paper and post those comments or questions on Perusall one day prior to class. General instructions on how to read and review a paper can be found here.

Your class participation grade will be determined based on attendance and, most importantly, your concrete contributions to the paper discussion both on Perusall and in class.

During the paper discussion in class, we will divide the students into groups and select one student in each group as the paper discussion leader (leaders will be selected in a round-robin manner). The leader should organize the disscussion and may answer questions from the group members. The leader is also required to submit a 500 to 1000-word report that summarizes both the discussion and the paper. The deadline for report submission is 48 hours after the class.

Note: Class attendance is required. With that being said, we understand that students sometimes can be in unexpected situations. Do let the instructors know if you have to miss a class, and we can make arrangements to accommodate the absence.


The semester-long project in COS-563 is an open-ended systems research project. Project topics should be reached after discussion with the class instructor. Projects should be done in groups of one or two (exact size to be determined by the instructor after the course size is finalized). All software code/firmware, hardware designs, and all other intermediate or related products must be shared privately with the instructor via github for evaluation purposes.

All group students are expected to share equally in the implementation. At the end of the semester, each student working in a group will be asked to independently describe the contributions of their teammate.

The project time-line is as follows:

Meeting Times and Places


Course Staff

NameEmailOfficeTelephone Office Hours
Kyle Jamieson CS 306 258-7477 After Thurs lecture or by appointment.
Yaxiong Xie CS 103 TBA TBA

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