ISC 233/COS 233, Spring 2021

Contact Information:

Lecturer: Prof. Olga Troyanskaya

All office hours will be announced one week ahead through Blackboard.

COS AI: Evan Cofer

COS AI: Prakriti Paul

COS AI: Kaiqian Zhang

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Please use our course Piazza for more discussions. We will primarily monitor Piazza while office hours are remote. All course-related email correpondences will also be re-directed to Piazza.

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Please use a private post only if your post contains your own code. All other posts should be public for the benefit of sharing wisdom with your classmates.

Homework Assignments:

Release every Thursday after class. Due on Wednesday 11:55 pm.

Due Date Name Instructions Hints Submit
Feb 8 Rational Number See Blackboard TigerFile
Feb 15 Part I: Guitar Hero Instructions Checklist TigerFile
Part II: Linked List See Blackboard TigerFile
Feb 22 K-means Instructions Hints TigerFile
March 3 Markov Model See Blackboard TigerFile
March 10 Theory
March 17 Travelling Salesperson


Date Topic
Feb 4, 3:05-4:20PM OOP + Linked Structures + Stack and Queue + HW1
Feb 11, 3:05-4:20PM Tree Traversals + Searching and Sorting + HW2
Feb 18, 3:05-4:20PM K-means + (Hierarchical Clustering) + HW3
Feb 25, 3:05-4:20PM Markov Model + Thoery + HW4
Mar 4, 3:05-4:20PM Intractability + Graphs + HW5
Mar 11, 3:05-4:20PM Exam Review + HW6
Mar 25, 3:05-4:20PM Exam Preparation


Index Date Subject Slides
Lecture 1 Feb 2 OOP Posted on Blackboard
Lecture 2 Feb 4 Linked Structures Posted on Blackboard
Lecture 3 Feb 9 Searching and Sorting Posted on Blackboard
Lecture 4 Feb 11 K-means Clustering Posted on Blackboard
Lecture 5 Feb 16 Hierarchical Clustering and Trees Posted on Blackboard
Lecture 6 Feb 18 Hashing Posted on Blackboard
Lecture 7 Feb 23 Theory of Computing Posted on Blackboard
Lecture 8 Feb 25 Universality and Computability Posted on Blackboard
Lecture 9 Mar 2 Intractability Posted on Blackboard
Lecture 10 Mar 4 Graphs Posted on Blackboard
Lecture 11 Mar 9 Computational Biology I Posted on Blackboard
Lecture 12 Mar 11 Computational Biology II Posted on Blackboard


There is one final exam for COS-233.

The exam will be a 1.5-hour open-book close-internet exam (no programming portion). You may use any materials from the class. As per the honor code, people taking the exam must not discuss its contents with anyone.

The exam will also contain questions on COS-126 Lectures "Using Data Types" and "Creating Data Types".