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Computer Science Department

Computer Science 340
Reasoning about Computation

Ran Raz

Spring 2020

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An introduction to mathematical topics relevant to computer science. Combinatorics, probability and graph theory will be covered in the context of computer science applications. The course will present a computer science approach to thinking and modeling. Students will be introduced to fundamental concepts in theoretical computer science, such as NP-completeness and cryptography that arise from the world view of efficient computation.

Administrative Information


MW 3:00PM-4:20PM, CS Building 104


Please direct questions concerning your precept assignment to Colleen Kenny-McGinley, the CS Department's Undergraduate Program Manager. Colleen's contact information is provided later on this page. The course's professor, lead preceptors, and graduate student preceptors do not manage precept assignments.

Number Meeting Time Meeting Place Preceptor
1 Th 12:30PM-1:20PM Friend Center 110 Iasonas Petras
2 Th 2:30PM-3:20AM Computer Science Building 105 Iasonas Petras
3 F 10:00AM-10:50PM Friend Center 110 Arushi Gupta
4 F 1:30PM-2:20PM Friend Center 111 Corwin W. Sinnamon
5 F 1:30PM-2:20PM Friend Center 112 Tyler Park
6 F 2:30PM-3:20PM Friend Center 111 Bhaskar Roberts

Lead Instructor

Ran Raz, Ph.D. : 240 194 Nassau St, email: ranr (at)

Office Hours: Th from 8:45AM to 10:15AM in office 240 at 194 Nassau St (excluding 3/12/2020)

Lead Preceptors

Iasonas Petras, Ph.D. : email: ipetras (at)

Office Hours: M 12:30PM, M 1:30PM, Th 1:30PM and Th 3:30PM in 033 Corwin Hall


Arushi Gupta : email: arushig (at)

Office Hours: M 10:00AM, M 11:00AM in 315 CS Building

Tyler Park : email: typark (at)

Office Hours: Tu 3:00PM, Tu 4:00PM in 317 CS Building

Bhaskar Roberts : email: bhaskarr (at)

Office Hours: Fr 10:00AM, Fr 11:00AM in Friend Center 010

Corwin W. Sinnamon : email: sinnamon (at)

Office Hours: W 1:00PM, W 2:00PM in Nassau 194, office 223

Precepts start on Thursday 2/6

Preceptors' and the Lead Instructor's office Hours start on Monday 2/10

Undergraduate Graders

Charles An

Joe Bartusek

Khatna Bold

Amina Elgamal

John Hallman

Jerry Huang

Joshua Ku

Sacheth Sathyanarayanan

Doruntina Sylejmani

Tan Shanker

Jacqueline Xu

Lab Teaching Assistants

Daniel Braga

Aditya Cowsik

Kevin Feng

Sally Hahn

Jonathan Kutasov

Ioana Teodorescu

Chris Yang

Undergraduate Coordinator

Colleen Kenny-McGinley : CS Building 210, email: ckenny (at)


COS 126 and 226 (or sufficient mathematical background), and MAT 175 or MAT 202 or MAT 204. COS 226 can be taken along with COS 340 in the same term.

Textbooks and Other Reading

Academic Regulations

Please study the course Policies webpage.