COS 333 Project Groups 2019

Please let me know if I have gotten anything wrong (like misspelling names) or if you have changed your mind about something like the project name or topic. I will also be happy to revise the brief summary of your project to your taste.

Groups have been assigned to TA mentors. You should contact your TA to arrange an initial meeting.
Fri Apr 5 18:11:29 EDT 2019

# Project Name and Description Leader*, Members TA Link
1 Tiger Ideas: Centralizes a forum of exciting ideas to discuss, implement, and collaborate with other students Mike Hallee*, Avi Boppana, William Ughetta Allison link
2 TigerRides: streamline the process of students sharing Uber/Lyft/other transportation services to and from Princeton Christine Kwon*, Christy Lee, Anabelle Chang, Nick Schmeller Jace link
3 Tiger Message: easy way for students to connect and message each other without knowing anything other than name or netID Nathan Lovett-Genovese*, Emerson Thomas, Nebil Ibrahim Christopher link
4 Late Meal Calculator: app to allow Princeton undergraduates to take full advantage of Late Meal in the Frist Gallery Kelly Petrino*, Grace Hong, Nina He, Arjun Devraj, Eileen Wang Lance link
5 Districter: a citizen tool to end gerrymandering Theodor Marcu*, Somya Arora, Preeti Iyer, Kyle Barnes, Lauren Johnston Christopher link
6 inPerson: provides Princeton students a simple way to reference friends' schedules to arrange meals, problem set groups, or meetings Alice Gao*, Ioanna Teodorescu, Anna Qin, Michael Peng Allison link
7 TigerMeet: web application that will enable Princeton University students to connect with other students for recreation, transportation, and academic coordination Bora Kiyan*, Andrew Lin, Raymond Park, David Wu Jace link
8 Poster: mobile app for scheduling casual and spontaneous pick-me-up activities without having to know anyone in advance. Henry Peters*, Katherine Wang, Kai Xin Tai, Mensheng Romano Lance link
9 CoffeeDate: a web app for groups to set up coffee dates between members Karan Arora*, Sebastian Guzman, Bhaamati Borkhetaria Jace link
10 Blib: social media platform that allows students to anonymously share opinions, confessions and thoughts with other students John Suh*, JM Cho, Ezra Zinberg, Nicholas Liu Jace link
11 Pickup: allow users to create, organize, and share events anywhere in their locale Ollie Schwartz*, David Zuluaga, Alex Bechtold, Gabe Stengel Allison link
12 FIOOR (Fill It Out or Run): Athlete Questionnaire and Data Visualization Platform Andrew Griffin*, Adam Chang, Arman Medghalchi, Liam Collins Lance link
13 Princeton ArtFinder: connect Princeton students and staff with information about the art they walk by every day Alden Hunt*, Sadie Van Vranken, Rhea Braun, Tommy Martinson Christopher link
14 TigerTravel: allow people to connect and pool together for ride sharing apps such as Lyft or Uber Bobby Morck*, Donovan Coronado, Shaurya Garg, Hanson Kang Lance link
15 PorkBun: offers students the ability to locate their preferred dishes and dining halls Justin Chang*, Khatna Bold Allison link