2019 Project Groups and Schedule

Visitors are very welcome; bring your friends, family, colleagues, and significant others. Come when you can, leave when you must. Class members must attend at least three demos beside their own.

Time#Project NameTeam Members (* => leader)AdvisorLink
10:00 1 TigerRide: sharing Uber/Lyft/other transportation services to and from Princeton Christine Kwon*, Christy Lee, Anabelle Chang, Nick Schmeller Jace link
10:20 2 TigerMeet: connect with other students for recreation, transportation, and academic coordination Bora Kiyan*, Andrew Lin, Raymond Park, David Wu Jace link
10:40 3 inPerson: reference friends' schedules to arrange meals, problem set groups, or meetings Alice Gao*, Ioanna Teodorescu, Anna Qin, Michael Peng Allison link
11:00 4 Princeton ArtFinder:explore the campus art nearest to you! Alden Hunt*, Sadie Van Vranken, Rhea Braun, Tommy Martinson Christopher link
11:20 5 PorkBun: locate preferred dishes and dining halls Justin Chang*, Khatanbuuwei Bold Allison link
11:40 6 TigerTeams: discuss, implement, and collaborate with other students Mike Hallee*, Avi Boppana, William Ughetta Allison link
1:00 7 CalcuLateMeal: take full advantage of Late Meal in the Frist Gallery Kelly Petrino*, Grace Hong, Nina He, Arjun Devraj, Eileen Wang Lance link
1:20 8 Poster: schedule casual and spontaneous pick-me-up activities without having to know anyone in advance Henry Peters*, Katherine Wang, Kai Xin Tai, Mensheng Romano Lance iOS Android
1:40 9 Meet-up: a user-friendly and graphical scheduling app for you and your friends Ollie Schwartz*, David Zuluaga, Alex Bechtold, Gabe Stengel Allison link
2:00 10 Tiger Message: connect and message knowing only name or netID Nathan Lovett-Genovese*, Emerson Thomas, Nebil Ibrahim Christopher link
2:20 11 TigerMingle (née CoffeeDate): set up coffee dates between members Karan Arora*, Sebastian Guzman, Bhaamati Borkhetaria Jace link
3:00 12 Districter: A crowdsourced redistricting tool to map communities and make your voice heard. Theodor Marcu*, Somya Arora, Preeti Iyer, Kyle Barnes, Lauren Johnston Christopher link
3:20 13 TigerTravel: connect and pool together for ride sharing apps like Lyft or Uber Bobby Morck*, Donovan Coronado, Shaurya Garg, Hanson Kang Lance link
3:40 14 Blib: anonymously share opinions, confessions and thoughts with other students John Suh*, JM Cho, Ezra Zinberg, Nicholas Liu Jace link
4:00 15 FIOOR: athlete questionnaire and data visualization platform Andrew Griffin*, Adam Chang, Arman Medghalchi, Liam Collins Lance link