Computer Science 448
Innovating Across Technology, Business, and Marketplaces
Spring 2018

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Course description.  Course teaches engineering students about issues tackled by leading Chief Technology Officers: the technical visionaries and/or managers who innovate at the boundaries of technology and business by understanding both deeply, and who are true partners to the CEO, not just implementers of business goals. Focus will be on thinking like a CTO (of a startup and a large company) from technology and business perspectives, and on software and Internet-based businesses. Industry-leading guest speakers provide perspectives too.

Lectures.  Lectures meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:00am - 12:20pm in Friend Center 006

Required reading list. Students will be required to create a write-up for each book on the required reading list. Information on the book write-ups can be found on the write-ups page.

Recommended reading list.

Guest Lecturers. There will be a write-up due for each guest lecturer. Information on the guest lecturer write-ups can be found on the write-ups page.

Past speakers have included J. Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and CEO of Square; M. Whitman, CEO of Ebay and now HP; F. Wilson, of Union Square Ventures; P. Graham, of Y!Combinator; S. Altman, of Y!Combinator; J. Hennessy, President of Stanford University; J. Yang, co-founder of Yahoo!; D. Greene, co-founder and CEO of VMWare; J. Clark, co-founder of Netscape and Silicon Graphics; T. Siebel, founder and CEO of Siebel Systems; and C. Dickerson, CEO of Etsy.

Grading.  The grading is structured as follows (total of 200 pts):

Important due dates. 

Late Policy. You will not get any credit for late submissions. We will grant extensions only in the case of illness (with a doctor's note) or extraordinary circumstances. Extracurricular activities and heavy workloads in other classes don't count as "extraordinary", no matter how unexpected or important or time-consuming. Please let us know ahead of time if illness or an extraordinary circumstance will cause you to submit a writeup or paper late, then you should discuss the matter with your instructor as soon as possible.

Staff, Office Hours and Other Help. 

Jaswinder P. Singh - jps at cs dot princeton dot edu
Office: Computer Science 423
Office Hours: M/T 1:30-3:00PM

Robert Fish - rfish at cs dot princeton dot edu
Office: Computer Science 206
Office Hours: T/W 1:30-3:00PM

Irene Fan - yiranf at cs dot princeton dot edu
Location: CS 202 Tea Room
Office Hours: T/Th 3:00-4:30PM

If you have general questions about the assignments, lectures, readings, or other course materials, please post via Piazza. Posts marked private are viewable only by instructors.