COS 333 Project: Final Submission Information

Tue May 9 07:52:59 EDT 201

May 14 (Sunday): Final submission

Everything must be submitted by midnight on Sunday May 14, without exception.

Your final submission must include

Here's what you will have to do:

Submission: Collect everything for submission in one place.

Documentation: The documentation must include the following files with EXACTLY these names, all lower case:

Documentation should be written in good English, free of spelling and grammar errors. It should be thorough but not exhaustive; the total submitted documentation should not exceed about 15 printed pages. The report is the most important piece of documentation. I am particularly interested in thoughtful and interesting reports, so don't skimp on this part, though I think an upper limit of 5-6 pages is about right. Reports that speak for the whole group with a single voice seem to work out better than those with one part written by each team member, but it's up to you.

A working system: We will be experimenting with your system starting on Dean's Date, so you must provide access to a running version. If the system is web-based, make sure it's up and running and we have whatever passwords and other controls are necessary to play with the system; that includes administrative rights if part of the functionality involves administration, though we will try to be very careful not to intrude or break things. (We will still worry about external security vulnerabilities like SQL injection, of course.)

You should test carefully to ensure that someone not in your group can exercise all aspects of the system, working only from the information in your submission.

It will be a great help if you follow these directions and try to make it easy for us to look at and play with your project. If things go well, we tend to be happy; if things go badly, we get grumpy. Happy graders tend to give better grades.


(This part is subject to minor fiddling.) The project is worth about 60-65 percent of the overall course grade. Every team member gets the same project grade except for a small component from the peer review and a discretionary component in the unlikely event of significant dereliction. The project grade will be derived from considerations like these: Important: We will be experimenting with your system starting at midnight May 14. It has to stay up through May 21 and someone has to monitor it and respond to mail promptly in case we have trouble. Thanks.