Princeton University
Computer Science Dept.

Computer Science 598A
Advanced Topics in Computer Science:
Shape Analysis of RGB-D Data

Spring 2015

General Information:

Time: Fridays 1:30-3:50PM
Place: Computer Science 302
Instructor: Thomas Funkhouser
Piazza: web page
Bibliography: GoogleDoc Bibtex

This course will survey recent research related to capture and analysis of scenes scanned with RGB-D video devices. The course will operate as a graduate-level seminar with weekly readings, summarizations, and discussions of recent papers.


Date Topics Readings
Feb 6 Introduction & Applications  
Feb 13 Alignment newcombe2011kinectfusion | kerl2013dense
Feb 20 Analyzing Collections of Shapes Vladimir Kim guest speaking
Feb 27 Reconstruction li2015database
Mar 13 Object Detection salas2013slam++ song2014sliding
Mar 27 Objectness Measurement alexe2012measuring
Apr 3 Scene Layout zhang2013estimating
Apr 10 Scene Understanding lin2013holistic
Apr 17 Support and Physical Properties shao2014imagining jia20143D
Apr 24 Human-Object Interactions savva2014scenegrok jiang2013hallucinated