Advice for COS 333 Project Demos

Tue Apr 29 17:10:33 EDT 2014

The schedule for demos on May 6-9 is here. We will be in Friend 008 on all four days.

Check out your equipment and make sure things work in that room -- don't leave anything to the last minute. Don't forget that the projector only does 1024x768; size your slides, demos, etc., for that resolution. No matter what you plan, be able to keep talking even if something breaks.

As to content, the "trade show" metaphor is useful, but you should aim for more than just a glitzy demo. We're really looking for evidence that you accomplished something, that you learned something, and that you can present something clearly. The details of your presentation are entirely up to you; one plan might be

You have 30 minutes. Plan on using about 25 minutes, to leave time for questions, setup and teardown, and other delays.

Here are some minor suggestions that might help things go smoothly.

Grading criteria include the following: