Fri May 2 11:49:05 EDT 2014

This is the project information that I have so far; groups are listed in alphabetical order. I have summarized the main implementation buzzwords so you can see who else is using similar tools. Please let me know of any errors or changes to links so I can keep it accurate and up to date.

If your timeline field isn't a link, you didn't provide a link; please send me the info right away. And check that the links are correct. I will slowly add in the design docs as well, since they give a lot more information than the brief synopses.

This is a neat bunch of intriguing ideas. Feel free to browse around at what your friends and colleagues are doing, and to share information about how to get things done. There's no point in having everybody inventing the same wheels.

Name Members (* indicates manager) Description Timeline TA
tex Textbook Exchange Ameera Abdelaziz, Jeffrey Asala, Nicole Loncke, Laura Xu* A new version of PTX (Django) timeline Chris
Polyphony Rahji Abdurehman, Anqi Dong, Tom Kelly, Ben Stallworth iOS DJ app (Node, Postgres, AWS) timeline Deep
Tiger Bites Diogo Adrados, Lisa Kim, David Paulk* Phone notifications of favorite foods in dining halls () timeline Raghav
Qurious Aditya Agarwalla*, Abhinav Khanna, Jonathan Kwok, Helen Yu iOS Peer to peer voice / video system for consulting experts (Django, AWS) timeline Xin
myPrintston Doug Ashley*, Michael Kim, Brian Wong iPhone app for finding the nearest working printer () timeline Taewook
codePost Vinay Ayyala, James Evans, Richard Freling, Alexandra Kubiak, Gabriela Leichnitz web-based system for grading and annotating programming assignments (Flask, Heroku, Postgres) timeline Chris
Palimpsest Gabe Banevicius, Anjalie Field, Nikitas Tampakis* interactive web interface for classical texts (Django, Heroku) timeline Xin
PickMeUp Valya Barboy, Daniel Penner, Cal Peyser*, Jonathan Schwartz, Evan Strasnick finding drivers and passengers for ride-sharing (Django, AWS) timeline Chris
Thriftster Haley Beck, Irvin Zhan* notification of price changes on retail websites (Ruby on Rails, Heroku) timeline Raghav
Capture Brian Bell, Lucas Broido, David Dworsky*, Nicolas Schmidt iPhone app to capture and share group experiences (AWS) timeline Deep
FindA Curtis Belmonte*, Kyle Dhillon, Emily Hsu, Lucas Mayer iPhone app for finding points of interest around campus (Python, App Engine) timeline Chris
Grabit Jaime Benabib*, David McKenna, Bar Shabtai iOS app for offering short-lived retail deals (own server) timeline Deep
[Tiger] Growl Kevin Bruccoleri, Chong Gu, Akash Jain, Gil Walzer* Meal planning system for groups of friends (Flask, AWS) timeline Xin
RoomMeet Brian Chen, Dorothy Chen, Michael Danielczuk*, Leonidas Tolias, Campbell Weaver Networking platform for PU students look for summer housing (Django, Postgres, Heroku) timeline Taewook
Free Food Map Erick Chen, Patrick Ding, Brandon Lam, Oscar Li* campus map with free food highlighted (Node, AWS) timeline Xin
The Marketplace Carolyn Chen, Ghassen Jerfel*, Bumsoo Kim, Matthew Matl, Parth Mehta on-campus buying, selling and trading goods and services (Django, App Engine) timeline Raghav
Enchord Jessie Chen, Heemin Seog*, Eugene Tang, Andrew Tran, Matthew Wang website for musicians to create, share, find and update chord sheets (Node, Express, Heroku, Angular) timeline Xin
GeoTasker Christine Chien, Dean Makino*, Shreya Nathan, Mitchell Vollger iPhone app to geographically optimize its users' task lists and provide alerts () timeline Deep
PURF Jean Choi, Stephen Cognetta*, Pallavi Koppol, Eugene Lee, Qinlan Shen Princeton undergrad research finder to connect students and faculty for research opportunities (Django, Postgres, Heroku) timeline Deep
Tabeno Daway Chou-Ren, Chris Crawford*, Cara Haas, Charles Jacobson, Erin O'Hern iOS desktop app for smart note-taking and study (XCode) timeline Chris
Tigerbook Ivo Crnkovic-Rubsamen, Hansen Qian, Rohan Sharma* A better way to find your classmates (Django, Mongo, Heroku) timeline Raghav
UpDog Franklyn Darnis*, Jacob Lee, Alex Pouschine, Sonia Skoularikis optimize free time by easy coordination with friends (Django, Heroku) timeline Taewook
MaJoR Untangled Rishika Dewan, Julia Johnstone*, Maddy Lea One-stop detailed overview of majors and certificates (Django, App Engine) timeline Raghav
Connect Princeton Sailesh Dhungana*, Constantine Nakos, Aaron Ladd specialized scheduling app for pairs of users and small groups (Django, AWS) timeline Xin
Rowing Team Manager Matthew Drabick, Sam Jordan, Brian Rosenfeld, Edward Walker* Managment of information about rowing (Ruby on Rails, Heroku) timeline Raghav
Mapit.js David Durst, Elaine Liew, Shwetha Raghuraman, Thomas Truongchau* Virtual tour of Prineton campus (Meteor.js, Mongo, AWS) timeline Xin Andrew Ferg, Salvador Martinez, Michael Thomas* detailed info from League of Legends professional games (Django, App Engine) timeline Chris
Histograph Ankush Gola, Aaron Himelman, Sam Payne*, Riley Thomasson, Akshaya Uttamadoss graphical analysis of a user's browsing history and of friends (Django, Postgres, own server) timeline Chris
SuperTonic Delaney Granizo-Mackenzie*, Michael Mulshine, Anna Ren, Steven Tran next-generation ear training tool (Django) timeline Chris
Shout! Andrew Grasso, Julian Griggs, Cole McCracken, Cameron Porter* iPhone app for social interactions betweeen nearby strangers (Django, Mongo) timeline Xin
CellMate Jack Greisman, David Hammer, Gabe Reder, Hana Snow iOS app for counting colonies on agar plates (Flask) timeline Deep
Princeton Planner Hannah Ho*, Stephanie Marani, Jamie Smith easy access to course requirements for planning (Django, Postgres, Heroku) timeline Taewook
C. Rex Violeta Ilieva, Rishi Kaneriya*, Viviana Mardones personalized course recommendations for Princeton students (Django, App Engine) timeline Taewook
Deque Sravanthi Kadali, Malcolm Reid*, Linda Wang, Xixia Wang iOS app for playing card games on phones (App Engine) timeline Deep
Hungry Tigers Osman Khwaja, Akshay Kumar, Vivian Qu*, Roy Xiao iOS app for "Revolutionizing the way students eat at Princeton ... when it's free" (Heroku) timeline Taewook
Find a Table David Kong*, Lisa Lee, Ante Qu, Ming-Yee Tsang Android app to find open tables at local restaurants (Django) timeline Taewook
TranScribe Albert Lee, Chia-Lo Lee, Steven Lyubomirsky* Android app and web system for organizing print sources digitally (Flask, Heroku) timeline Deep
PTX2 Michael Li*, Mark Tengi, Barbara Zhan, Alan Zhou improved version of PTX (Django, App Engine) timeline Chris
Chute Kenny Lin*, Saahil Madge, Andrew Zhou web site for easily sharing files (Django, App Engine) timeline Raghav Nihar Madhavan*, Utsarga Sikder, Jun Takahashi exchange eating club passes and Frist late meals (App Engine) timeline Chris
NICE Travis Perlee, Naphat Sanguansin, Dyland Xue, Maxim Zaslavsky* new version of ICE to track classes, assignments, etc. (Django, Heroku) timeline Raghav
Blabrr Erik Portillo, Collin Stedman*, Jennifer Werner, Jeffrey Yan, Glenna Yu personal records of videos, pictures, news, and share with friends (Node, Express, Cassandra, own server) timeline Taewook